February 27, 2012

From the Archives

When I was home for Christmas my mom found an old SD card that her computer wouldn't read. I put it in mine and was happily surprised to find a wealth of horrific photos from '04-'05, my senior year of high school. I've wanted to do posts on things I wore in the past that were not so stellar, and these gave me the perfect opportunity! Granted most of these are just of my face (it was the era of the 'Myspace Angles'), but they are legitimately pretty hilarious!

Beatles shirt from Target and my super classy "Harry Potter Earrings" (they had a lightning bolt in the middle of them.). I had no idea how to wear makeup, thought I was a total badass, but I had nice eyebrows...

The young people in the Gianni Schicci cast. I sang Loretta and we set it in the 50's. 
It was a dark time in my life...

Note the classy braid...

Okay I had to add this one of Bri and Charissa. Bri was the consumate beach bum girl, and Charissa (as she says) had heinous eyebrows.

This is actually from 2006.
Sarah's 12 year old boy phase...

Summer of '05.
On my way to Mexico for a mission trip. I was the original hipster...


This t-shirt was my favourite. Dying my hair black was a bad idea. This face is unfortunate.

Senior Formal... yeah.

This was also from my senior formal. The formal part was so bad we decided to go to the beach afterwards to makeup for it.  I think these pictures were an attempt to catch Charissa leaping over me. We apparently never succeeded in getting a picture of this...

I seriously though that sweatshirt made me so badass...

More Mexico. I got so sunburned. I actually got 2nd degree burns on my ears and had to wear bandannas the rest of the trip to protect them

I suppose you could say this was my first true DIY. I had my friends write things on these as well, then coloured them in with sharpies and glitter glue. I was the coolest kid on my Mexico trip.

More Mexico. We were building houses. I was really good at supervising. (but really I did do most of the work on that trip. The kids on my team were ridiculous.)

Just.. yeah.

2005 on the way home from Mexico.
Yes I did have feathered hair.
I wore this cowboy hat to my formal too. 
After I took this picture I sat on a ceramic step that I didn't know was broken.
I fell as the step crumbled beneath me and was worried I had broken it with my "Massive Butt."
For the rest of High School I was called "Massive Butt." It was actually hilarious.

I think this was an attempt to document the healing of my sunburn.

Of course when we got home from Mexico I got to meet this little lady who was born while Bri and I were away. Almost 7 years later I still think she's pretty great.

Also it just dawned on me that I am three years from being out of high school for 10 years. 
I feel old.
Maybe this series isn't such a good idea...

Are your "archives" this silly?

February 24, 2012

Surprise Performance

I totally meant to post more then I did this week. But some things got in the way.

Like finding out on Monday that I was singing at a festival on Thursday...

Cuz that's totes cool. Just don't tell me when I'm performing. It's all good...

So here is a snippet of the duet we sang. I finished memorizing it about fifteen minuets before we went on. Also, I apologize in advance for the garish colour of orange I am sporting. We had to wear school colours or our Beaver Gear, which is totally something people say here.

Let's also discuss the fact that I'm going to be in the music building for 7 hours today.

And just ignore that one spot where I don't sing the right notes. It's all part of my master plan to give the directors ulcers.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be spending mine studying for a test.

February 21, 2012

Having a Camera is Nice.

Little gifts that make me smile. Especially the pepparkake and Elder-flower and Orange Marmalade. Mmmm!

Sweets from the sweet! My mother really likes creative valentines. Grace's (lollipops) says "you can count on me when things get sticky," Eric's (the poptart) "you make me pop," and Fraser's (Cereal) "I "cereal"sly like you." Cute, cute! The big box was full of brownies which were quite popular among certain friends of mine (I'm looking at you Fridley).

Oregon Agriculture College's band. 
Wish our band looked this sharp now...

Don't ask about the adult bib...

Spencer, Alicia, and Laurel at rehearsal. Right before Spencer smells my hair, Laurel slaps me, and Alicia pulls my hair and throws me to the ground. Mine is a rather tortured character..

Rain and lights

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!! How the heck are you already fifteen? 

February 20, 2012

Sheer Luck

Maybe I have been watching too much Charmed, but lately I have been liking sheer overlays. Especially over pretty underpinnings (though admittedly much less trashily than on that show). I've had this green sheer fabric in my stash for almost three years (I used it in a dress I made to wear to a friend's wedding) and finally decided to use some of it for this top. I used the Sorbetto pattern with a few alterations. I lengthened and rounded the back and omitted the front pleat. I also added a few tucks to the back (which admittedly you can't really see here.). It was a pretty easy and quick and I think the next time I do this I'll lengthen the front too and maybe add some sleeves. Do it up in a knit maybe?

I wore it over a pretty vintage cotton slip. Come Spring and Summer it will get much more use than is will right now, but I needed something to get my creative juices flowing.  And forgive these pretty crummy photos! Turns out being without my camera for so long really set me back. I've had to shoot on auto since August or so and it didn't work all together since November, so I am a tad rusty. But once I figure out the light settings you can expect to see much more of this silly brick wall. Thank God for stairwells no one ever uses.

February 17, 2012

A "Hi mom!" post

I intended to have a new outfit post for you today, but I came home yesterday with the Flu. So I stayed home from classes today and am resting and finishing a paper. No fun. But this weekend holds the promise of sewing and no commitments! This is the first fully free weekend I've had all term, and boy do I need one!

Speaking of commitments, last weekend Chamber Choir had a concert featuring the music of a Norwegian Born composer. The composer came and, well, it was an interesting few days. This post is mostly for my family I suppose, but here are the pieces we sang. I am honestly not a huge fan of the his music, but there were some nice moments. And overall I think we sounded excellent (there were some issues with the sopranos, but welcome to life as a soprano)! Almost makes up for how awful our dresses are. Almost...

And if you're looking for me I am on the left side of the screen in the second row. Just look for a really white pancake face.

This one was one such piece filled with poor soprano blend. I particularly like the part when we came back in in a totally different key than we were supposed to. And yet we managed to save ourselves... Go us.

The credit for this is wrong, it was actually Alicia Baker playing the accordion. Alicia is amazing!

The girl behind me and I have the biggest voices in our voice group and at the top note of this one you can hear a lovely burst of the two of us belting out that note. I will never understand why they have us next to each other!

If I never have to sing this piece ever again I will have had a successful life.

So there's that. Excuse the lack of interesting subject matter, and if you actually watched each of these videos, then your attention span is much longer than mine because I seriously couldn't wait to get out of that concert!

Hope all of you are in good health

February 14, 2012

Lovely Crafts

Happy Valentines Day! There are many things one can complain about Valentines Day, but I for one am choosing to look on the bright side (especially since I have a midterm this morning...) and focus on the positive. Here are the things I love about Valentines Day:

  • That you can wear hearts and no one questions your sanity
  • chocolate.
  • the colour red
  • chocolate
  • it's totally okay to watch dumb, sappy romantic movies and bawl like a baby. I have a date with P.S. I Love You.
  • Flowers
  • Pretty dresses
  • wearing red and pink together that that being totally okay
  • chocolate
  • Love.
I especially like the chocolate part (just don't tell anyone I bought myself my own box of chocolates.). But if you like me, are in the middle of midterms and have no idea what flirting actually looks like, and will be staying in with your "dates" named Ben and Jerry, here is a pretty craft to make your night brighter, and definitely more sparkly.  Though I do recommend not dropping your bottle of glitter on your clean laundry....

Valentines Garland:
You will need:

  • 2 Colours of Glitter
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String (I used bakers twine)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Paint Brush
Step one: Draw a heart, trace, and cut it out. You will need two hearts for every letter, for instance I cut out eight to spell "Love."

Step Two: Using your paint brush, draw the letters in the center of the heart. Cover in glitter and let dry. After the letter has dried, paint the glue on the rest of the paper and repeat as above. Make sure to get as close to the edges of the letters as you can!

Step Three: Measure out your string. Place a small dot of glue on the wrong side of your glittered hearts. *Note: I ended up doing mine pretty low which meant my hearts had a tenancy to be top heavy. Placing the string a bit higher than I have is will avoid that.* Place the string on the glue and push down to secure. This step is mostly for keeping the string in place before the next step. Make sure to evenly space your letters out.

Step Four: Using the extra hearts you cut out cover one side (the matches up to the hearts on the string) in glue. I switched to a glue stick here as it had a better hold. Place the glued side of the second heart over the wrong side of the first heart encasing the string.

Step Five:  Trim any excess paper from around the heart and touch up any spots missing glitter. Hang and enjoy!

I hung mine above my bathroom sink and I think I'll leave it!
Happy Valentines Day!

February 13, 2012

Ashley and Sports

On Sunday Laura and I went to a Basketball game. I am not exactly a sporty person. I like Baseball because I understand it, I enjoy playing tennis, I'm quite fond of croquet and surfing (but not together cuz that would be weird), but that's about the extent of my knowledge of sports. I showed up to the game in a red polka-dot dress. I was the only one not decked out in OSU or UW paraphernalia. (okay to be fair I brought my OSU sweatshirt but only because I don't own another light jacket.) Being Homeschooled I never participated in school sporting events. I went to a Home Coming game at RCC but only because I was in the halftime show (which was so embarrasing I don't even want to discuss it. A hint: Caberet, lingerie. Don't ask), and left as soon as I was done. So I don't even have much in the way of sporting event attendance to speak of.

But Laura wanted me to go, so I did. And it was actually a ton of fun! I'm not saying I am a convert, but y'know what, a little school spirit never hurt anyone. And it was also a very nice study break. Apparently I am also hilarious company at sporting events. I said a few things and Laura texted them to our friend Allison who in turn drew this comic of us at the game. The weirdest part, I was going to wear this outfit tomorrow...

Art Work by Allison Knotts

February 10, 2012

School Girl Charm

I was doing a google search the other night trying to find the photo the lady in the park took of Laura and I and came across this photo. It's from a town North-East of Corvallis and this was the Graduating Class of 1942.   Pretty spiffy bunch of kids. I love the oxfords and saddle shoes, and charming little bow-ties. It's interesting how the girls all match, but none of the boys do. But I will say some of those boys have some seriously great hair! Especially the chap in the 3rd row, second from the left. A pompadour if I ever saw one.

Oh, for days when people didn't show up to classes in their pajamas...

February 9, 2012

Picnics and Hats


Last week we were treated to Oregon's fake Spring. It was a glorious few days filled with crisp cool air, blossoming honeysuckles, clear blue skies, and plenty of sunshine. I like my sunshine in small doses and accompanied by cool temperatures. I am totally okay with that kind of sunshine.






Laura and I decided to take a picnic on Saturday in an effort to restore our depleted quantities of Vitamin D (She being from New Mexico and me from So. Cal, we have been running pretty low). We intended to do some homework as well, but, well, that never happened. We did see a guy with his shorts tied up like bikini bottoms... And we got our picture taken by an older woman who was in a photography club. She liked my hat. I tried to find the photo through various google searches. Interestingly if you do a google image search for "Corvallis Oregon picnic hat" photos from my blog pop up. I clearly blog about picnics and hats too much...




Blouse& Saltwaters- Thrifted
Skirt- Made by me
Hat 1- H&M
Hat 2- Gift from Bri
Hat 3- Target

I intended to take proper outfit photos, but kind of forgot, so these will have to do. I took these to send to Charissa and Chelsea to see which hat they liked the best. The first was the clear winner (which is why I am slightly sad that I look so upset!). After we had eaten, Laura and I picked up another friend and headed out to the next town over to seek some apparently legendary donuts. I dislike donuts, but was told they were quite good. Across the street from the donut shop was a vintage hardware store. As in they sold vintage hardware. Old doors and windows, and knick-knacks, and sewing machines, and... I could have spent hours in there. The next time my mom visits we will definitely be going there. She'd go weak in the knees!





Laura and I were supposed to go to a Superbowl party the next day (I ended up having to stay home and work on a bibliography though!) and decided to make cupcakes. Which was quite an adventure considering we didn't have any measuring spoons or cups... So we eyeballed it. It was a disaster. Our original plan was lemon cupcakes but after four taste tests, and about three hours, we decided just to go buy a box of cake mix and call it a night. We started baking around 6pm and finished around 11:30pm. But it was still such a lovely, lovely day.



The rain is back now and I gotta say, I almost miss not being soaked to the bone by the time I get to class. Almost.