August 17, 2008

Three days in...

You'd never know it, but I absolutely love the Olympics! I've always wanted to go (mostly because I have a life goal of kissing Michael Phelps). Every penny in my savings account it going towards the 2012 Olympics in London! So here is three days at the Olympics!

This is my Opening Ceremonies outfit. Dressy, Understated,and in my country's colours!

Dear Michael Phelps, Marry me. Love Ashley.

I love gymnastics! Second favourite event, next to swimming of course. By the way. Those Chinese girls are about as close to 16 as I am to being queen!

So there you have it! Enjoy your week and the Olympics. My Birthday is next Sunday and I've something pretty special planned for TDI. I have to deal with Jury Duty in the mean time. Well I'm off to the beach again!

Ciao Darlings,
Peace love and save the bees

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