October 20, 2008

Badabing badaboom, and other mob stories

SO I just got back from filing something at the Bankruptcy court. It's only three blocks away so as usual I walked there and back. On my way there I noticed our local chanel 2/9 newsbus parked near the county administration building, which is across from the bankruptcy court and directly behind the jail. I wondered what it was that they were doing here since, y'know it's Riverside and all, and what is going on that is news worthy (the last time I saw them here was years ago when the Govenator was stopping by and I accidentally almost got hit by his SUV then unknowingly talked to my favourite newsanchor on KFI (the talk radio station in LA. No it was the time when pres. Bush came to stay at the Mission Inn and I was walking home from a voice lesson and got caught up in a nasty peace rally as his limo drove by. I don't remember which came first.). So on my way back I noticed another newsbus for chanel 4. Now I have to fatal flaws that will probably end up killing me eventually. The first is that I am a notorious evesdropper, and my curiosity is about 30 million times bigger than that dead cat they tell me about. I'm the one who whenever there is some sort of police thingy going on (like a bust, or a high speed persut) I want to go check it out. SO many times my friends have predicted that I am going to be shot whilst checking one of these out. I guess thats why I love mysteries so much. They're just thrilling. Anyway. The problem with having these fatal flaws is that one of them usually leads to the other so I'm almost never without them. So there I was walking down the street next to the chanel 4 bus thinking "hmmm. what's going on here?"(curiosity) when I heard this snippet of conversation(followed by evesdropping): "yeah a couple of years ago I was covering another one of these Mob guy trials here. his name was Mondo, and nicest guy ever, but he killed like 45 people in one day and..." (followed by more curiosity). OMG! It's a mob trial! How cool is that! I so wanted to stop and ask the guy some burning questions I have about the mob. Like how do you get involved with them exactly? Where do you go to meet guys "who know a guy"? Where are all the darkly lit, smokey Italian restraunts where these guys hang out? Just how does one get tangled up in the mob? Where are the underground pits of sin where you gamble with mob guys and lose big time? Riverside may be the meth capital of the world, but where do all the mob guys hide? I really want to know this. It's highly frustrating too because I have this talent for ending up in places where I don't mean to be, and yet I have never been able to get in with the mob! SO I've been flipping through those chanels trying to find out what's going on. My dad just got back from the BK court and so did my sister and future brother-in-law. They said that there are about fifty cameras outisde the court. Significance: the district court is next to the BK court. they're like a court-condo. One half is the BK court and the other is the district court. That's where a mob trial would be if it was being held. I think I need to find an excuse to go back to the court... or I could get the work i need to get done done... it's a toss up...

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  1. I think you should make it your business to go to the mattresses about this problem. Your inquisitive mind must be satisfied. Your family's honor is at stake.