December 8, 2008

It snows in China


Gracie: (upon seeing Ashley return from her walk) Um you are taking me for a walk.

Ashley: (not really wanting to take grace on a walk) Um no I am not.

Gracie: Please! I want to see the houses!!

Ashley: The houses you see everyday?

Gracie: But it is gettin' late! the lights are on!

Ashley: (Realizing that Grace wants to go see xmas lights, which Ashley loves as well) Fine. Go get your shoes.

Gracie: (wearing her fuzzy pink boots) Okay! let's go!

The players begin a walk down their street pointing to the pretty lights

Gracie: I like Cwismas.

Ashley: me too! I like how cold it gets

Gracie: Oh yeah! and it's going to be soooo cold and Santa's going to come to our house and it's going to snow!

Ashley: No silly! It doesn't snow here!

Gracie: It snows in China!

Ashley: oh really?

Gracie: and we are going to China for Cwismas!!!

Ashley: oh really?

Gracie: yes! I met Santa!

Ashley: Yeah I know! Did you tell him what you want for Christmas?

Gracie: duh! I want pink stuff and a dog.

Ashley: that's it? pink stuff and a dog? nothing else?

Gracie: Hmmm (putts finger on lips and taps her chin) yes. I weally want a very lovely blue cup.

Ashley: A very lovely blue cup?

Gracie: yes. oh hold on! ( runs to sign post and holds it as she begins to kick her legs and "streatch" her arms)

Ashley: What the crap are you doing?

Gracie: I'm ex-a-sizing.

Ashley: that's it, let's go home! You're weird.

Gracie: I know. (shruggs shoulders and starts to sing santa clause is coming to town except she doesn't know the words or the tune)

Adventures with Grace. And I really love Christmas!


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  1. are you going to buy her a lovely blue cup? someone should. =D