March 12, 2009

I'm alone on a bicycle for two* (or "this week" part 1)

Yesterday I was feeling very girly and giddy. I'm not sure if this is due to the amount of coffee I'd had by noon (six cups fellows), or the fact that the sky is evident of the promise of rain (though there has been promise of rain for the last two weeks and yet it managed to be warm and sunny for the last two weeks), or because I looked at the pictures on this post, or because I'm wearing heels for the first time in forever, or because I'm listening to silly-girly love songs by Lily Allen (you all know I have mad love for her, but the songs Chinese, and Who'd have known make me love her a thousand times more), but whatever it is, I like it. Of course this girly-ness isn't really conducive to productivity, but regardless it's been fun. I'm still feeling a little girly today, but not as much as yesterday. This morning has been slightly frustrating. I think it all stems from the fact that I've been hankering to go for a bike ride all week. I have a beach cruiser (in red!) that currently has a flat tire, so I must remedy this asap. I also want to find a basket for the front of it. I wish I lived somewhere that was conducive to bike riding. Unfortunately the suburban area in which I live would probably result in points and laughs, or frowns and scowls if I went about like this:

Which is inevitably what I would try to look like if I was to ride my bike around the Orangecrest area of Riverside. Oh to live in an urban environment! I wouldn't mind seeing less of the blonde, implanted, tanorexic, wannabarbie, Bro Ho's that populate the area as well. Well Suburbia be damned, I'm gonna go for a stinkin' bike ride! When I was younger I rode my bike everywhere! When we lived downtown at one point we lived across the street from a Bank of America with a huge parking lot that we'd ride in. Plus the neighbourhood was pretty small and quiet so we rode all over there as well. We moved 16 blocks away from that house though and the area was less bike friendly, however that didn't stop us. My bike actually got stolen by some Mexican guy. I saw him riding it around every now and then and it always pissed me off. But then I got my beach cruiser and haven't had any excuse to use it. I'm going to find an excuse.

In other news regarding my mother's attempt at getting me to move out of the house, my brother got a mouse. Yes a mouse. We now have two turtles, two rabbits, and a mouse. The mouse's name is Wilburt. Eric thinks it's very funny to push it into my face. Here's the thing, despite the inherent evil in the turtles, I can deal with them, and I can handle the rabbits if I take a claratin. But I cannot abide mice. Or rats. Or anything in the family of rodent. I think I'm going to have to kill the thing. I hate, hate, hate! mice! Almost as much as I hate spiders! Oh crap! Now Fraser is going to get a tarantula or something...

Here's what I looked like yesterday:

That's not actually trash behind me

Hi I'm Ashley and I like looking like I'm four

Sweater- Target a million years ago
Top- Made by me. Pattern is a Built By Wendy
Skirt- Vintage
Tights- Target
Shoes- Target
Pocket watch necklace-
Bag- Forever 21
Lolita Glasses-

I'm currently in the middle of watching the movie Lolita. It's trippy. Oh and I'd just like to say that when I made that shirt in October or November it was skin tight on me. I've been trying to find time for more sewing, but time has been a bit elusive, due to the whole "I'm working a horribly boring job to feed my habit, which is music, which I hope will not be just a habit for too much longer, but an actual career" thing. So when I'm not at work, generally I'm writing music and all that. But that's not the point. The point it that I am trying to find some time for some sewing this week. I bought a table cloth from the 60's last week at a church rummage sale (Sarah remind me that I bought you something I need to mail to you). The table cloth is probably about 5 or more yards of fabric! It's linen with a standard linen background, but there are these royally 60's flowers all over it in bright pink, and blue, and orange and green. It's perfect for a summer sundress. I started another Built By Wendy patter with it, which is a weird pattern. everything but the sleeves fit. I can't get the sleeves past my elbow. So I've since scrapped the sleeves and am going to make it sleeveless. I attempted putting on the neck piece lats night, but it got screwed up. I couldn't figure out why until I remembered that I forgot to gather the neck of the dress. I actually like it sans sleeves better. It looks much more retro. I'll post pictures soon.

Speaking of pictures, my mom bought a new camera. She got the one I wanted, so I'm currently stealing it. It's a Nikon and takes really nice pictures I'm excited to use it. Also my mom and I have decided we're going to be opening a store together. It's still undecided as to weather it'll be on eBay or Etsy. But we're going to be selling vintage items and the like. I'm excited for this. I talk Dee into modeling for me in the clothes I'll be selling. She cracks me up. Expect a post about her and her fashion sense soon.

On a totally unrelated to anything note, I think I've decided I like my middle name. I think it does fit me very nicely. It's much better than my first.

* Mad points if you can tell me who's song this is?

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  1. I want a dress like the one that the girl on the bicycle has on. I am in love with that dress.