March 9, 2009

Monday Inpiration Station

I think I started like ten new posts this weekend, and none of them ended up being what I hoped for. Which is really rather depressing. Wow that was a close one. Please don't ask why, but I was just sitting here at my desk, randomly shaking my boobs when someone walked by and I totally had to make it seem like I wasn't grabbing and shaking my boobs. I need to go back to bed. Last night I stayed up til two-thirty and had to be up at six, which turned into seven thirty. I did get up a six to turn my alarm off, then I started having a conversation with my dream world, but I was awake enough to realize this, just not enough to stop it, so I went back to sleep. Why was I up this late you ask? Well my mom and sister put on the movie Nell which is one of my favourite movies. I remember watching it when I was a little girl (well I watched the parts that did not involve Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson's nude hindquarters) and loving it. I've always secretly wanted to live as a hermitess in the Appalachia's. Or at least have a cabin out in the woods where you really rough it. So I watched that till about twelve-thirty, when I decided to put myself to sleep. Except I didn't I went and wrote a song, and fixed two. Thus, I didn't get to bed until two-thirty. So I'm very tired and on top of it all, my make-up case is MIA. not a big deal normally since all I wear is mascara, but I had a horrible breakout this weekend and couldn't find any concealer. On a totally unrelated note, we got another stinkin turtle. This one is named Eloise. The plan is for her and Fritz to have little evil turtle spawns. I neither condone, nor support this mission.

Okay well time for a New Segment here on this here blog. First you may notice that I changed the layout a bit. This is because I am in the mood for changes. Serious changes. That don't involve me lopping off my hair. So item one that was changed, was the blog layout. Secondly I changed up my room. okay Not really, but I cleaned it. Well mostly. I still have to finish it, but I did a deep spring cleaning, which was intense and amazing. I've got a few things to finish in it, but for reference here is the before:

Not so hot. Tomorrow I'll post pics of the after. Okay but really here's the new segment. Drum roll Please:

The Monday Inspiration Station! Aren't you excited? I'm going to post pics of the things that are inspiring me for the coming week. So here goes.

First this dress

I'm actually fairly convinced that this is the most perfectly perfect dress in the history of dresses. It's from Topshop. I found it via the blog Retro To Go, which is linked on the side bar. Red is my favourite colour, but there's something about this dress that brings images of swimming holes and tire swings and lemonade, and bike rides. I think I need to own it. Or make my own version.

I take alot of inspiration from art. I always wanted to draw, but I can't even make stick figures look decent. I've had one successful drawing and I think it's buried in the archives of the Riverside Art Museum. We were given and assignment in a class I went to involuntarily, in which we were given a photograph of that mountain/volcano/big tall thing in Fiji and told to draw a point of view of it. We could choose any point of view we wanted, but you had to be able to see the mountain thing in the drawing. We used pastels I think. My mom, who is a wonderful artist, did hers from under the ocean in the shadow of the mountain thing. Mine was from the point of view of someone sitting in the back of a boat viewing it straight on. Real original right? The teacher lady thought it was really cool, but only because you could see the boat at the bottom of the page. She said it was a very good perspective, because I actually drew what I was seeing, the front of the boat, a life vest, the mountain thing. We were supposed to get them back, but never did. But anyways. I love this picture. It kinda reminds me of a bad-ass Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I don't remember where I found this, I know it's a print for sale on etsy, but I don't remember the artist or the person who found it.

Something about this reminds me of my childhood. When I was little we lived with my grandparents who lived in the parish (it wasn't as quaint as you are all imagining) next to the church my grandpa was the pastor of. There was a HUGE field in the back that my sisters and I played in everyday. We had three forts out there, all filled with various treasures we found in the other half of the field which was rented out as a junk yard basically. We found all this old military stuff once and were CONVINCED that it belonged to German Spies from WWII. So we'd play that we were army nurses, who held all the secrets to ending the war, and carry around these gigantic walky-talkies, that in reality were probably 80's cell phones (I told you, I've always been a romantic). There was a field behind my grandparent's field that was filled with those huge bins that are put on train cars to transport stuff. Bri and I would sneak through the cuts in the gates and play in and among those stupid bins. Recently I saw a CSI where someone was killed by one of those things squashing them. It's a wonder Bri and I lived. My favourite spots in the whole world (even to this day) are this one branch in the main fort, and the spooky shaded area of the west fort. The Branch was really high up, and we'd climb the tree at sunset everyday and watch the sun set behind the hills. One time I sat there with the boy I was in love with (at the ripe old age of six) and we held hands, and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Turns out he was afraid of hights and had decided that if he was going down, so was I. Which we did by the way. We figured out that the huge Pepper tree we were perched in was thick enough to slide down the branches. Seriously the best day of my life. The West fort was in a perpetually shady spot, so it was always cool. The Pepper tree there grew into the next field over's property and split the chain link fence so you could climb through it into the field. Which consequentially was owned by a man who had, had four wives who had all mysteriously disappeared. Once there was a young girl who heard him kill this fourth wife. She went for a walk one night and was never heard from again. Of course all this happened during the prairie days, but the man still lived there. I'm pretty sure I found the dead girl's grave when I was seven. (Note: the man who lived there was not a serial killer, I just had an imagination that was too big and wild for my own good) (Also I had no intention of writing that much, but I had a really wonderfully romantic childhood, I just kept remembering things)

I'm fairly certain Zooey Deschanel can do no wrong when it comes to clothing. I love her. Everything about her. Zooey please be my friend. Something about this picture reminds me of The Secret Garden. Mary Lennox is my home girl. Always was, always will be. When I got the chicken pox when I was seven or eight, my parents rented EVERY film version of The Secret Garden for me to watch as I lay in bed. Consequentially it was over Easter and all I wanted to do was get better so I could go out an plant a garden and find a cute boy named Collin and a deer (someday I will have a pet deer, by George!), and spend all day smelling the flowers I would grow. Also that Easter I had a most amazingly awesome '90's dress ever. It had a black and white plaid skirt, with a white top attached, and a faux vest in the same plaid that covered the front of the top. There was a big bundle of flowers holding the vest together. The college girl who was dating my uncle at the time and was my idol thought it was the cutest thing ever and tried to find one similar in her size. Her name was Rachel and she did find one pretty close that she wore with floral Doc Martins, black tights and white socks with lace around the tops. She was the shizz, and I wanted to be her. Mostly cuz she looked like a cross between me and Winnie from the Wonder Years and I sooooo wanted to be Winnie. Rachel, wherever you are, thanks for being so utterly cool in the eyes of a little girl. I named a cat after you, just so ya know. I guess if you were to ask me who my fashion muses were, I'd say Zooey Deschanel, Mary Lennox, and that chick named Rachel.

There are some things I really love. They are these: Leaves, Abandoned Buildings, trees, the colour brown, forests, things that look like, hobos, Gypsies, hippies, or ghosts belong there. This photo has it all. I half expect the headless horseman to come popping out of that shack.
Okay that's enough for now. Have a lovely day!

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  1. i am in deep, passionate love with that dress.

    too bad it shall never be...