March 15, 2009

A rose by any other name

Okay guys, I've almost got my online shop running. The problem? I need a name! So here's the name ideas that I have come up with. If you read this blog/occasionally pass through here please vote! You have until Wednesday to vote on a name. Please limit to one vote per person.
Here's the Ballot options:
Absinthe and Old Lace Vintage
Second Hand Dreams Vintage
March Showers, August Flowers Vintage
Just leave a comment with your vote and I'll tally them up on Thursday.


  1. I like the Absinthe and Old Lace Vintage.

  2. I totally agree with Sarah! I love the Absinthe and Old Lace Vintage xD

  3. Absinthe and Old Lace

  4. I agree with the Absinthe and Old Lace.It's catchy and totally you.