April 21, 2009

Check list

To do this week:

  • Spring clean

  • Finish seventy million sewing projects

  • Work on creepy song

  • Work on escapism song

  • Find chords to Don't rock me tonight by Fountain of Wayne (please don't ask, I'm being forced to do this)

  • Learn above

  • Finish uploading music

  • Send out all mis-addressed letters

  • Buy Thesaurus

  • Finish Flappers and Philosophers

  • Figure out how to become a genius

  • Re-dye dress

  • Find new Shampoo

  • Book Frisco flight and hotel

  • Update shop

  • Watch all the Isto videos on youtube

Excuse my absence. It may not seem like alot, but it's all very time consuming. And by the by, it's hot. This is retarded.


  1. you guys are gonna have so much fun in frisco!

    and why do you need to learn that song?

  2. ultimate-guitar.com

    go there for some gee-tar tabs :P