April 13, 2009

M.I.S. #6: Texture

Whenever I go thrifting or antiquing I come home with the grimiest hands ever. It's really gross. I couldn't figure out why (cuz I'm a moron) until Friday. Friday I was at Goodwill (the reason was epic, and will be revealed tomorrow), with Bri and Jess and I was going through things, and I realized it's because I touch EVERYTHING. Each garment that I come across I handle and inspect and feel and rub and touch. I've always had a thing for textures, in everything. There are some that I cannot stand to feel (plastic checkbook covers give me shivers, and sunblock makes me want to vomit), and some that I cannot get enough of. So this week I thought it would be very cool if I just showed pictures of textures that I love that inspire me, with minimal commentary (I know you all don't think I can do it, well just watch!). Enjoy:

Grass (I grew up in a field)

Old Lace (beautiful and delicate)

Vintage Linens (they feel home-y)

Rose Petals (so silky, even when they're dried)

Old Books (I like how the dust sinks into the pages)

I hope everyone had as wonderful and Easter as I did. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of Saturday's Adventures, which were hilarious and ridiculous and proves that my friends are cooler than yours!

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