April 6, 2009

Monday Inspiration Station 5 (I think)

Wheew! I don't know about you, but I am certainly glad that last week is over! This week I have so much to do and the list just got a little longer since my voice teacher informed me that next week I have to play him a "gig" as my lesson, including a new song I'm working on which is basically a letter I wrote to someone a long time ago, that while particularly painful to write, has turned into something musically genius. That sentence made alot more sense in my head. Strange things happened this past week, which I'll post about later in the week. I'm still sorting it out and trying to figure it out, but I'm excited and I think my two weeks of being in a "fink" are over now. By the by I learned today that a "fink" is actually a term used for someone who is a tattle tale. I've always used it in place of "rut" but apparently that is incorrect.
Tomorrow is the Zoo with Sarah and my siblings and mom. Ugg. I hate Zoo's but somehow Sarah managed to finangled me into going. It's cuz I'm such a giver...
It's hot today. It's supposed to rain this week. I can't wait!
Moving on.
At heart I am a t-shirt and jeans girl. I love these photos of Jane Berkin rocking some jeans. This reminds me I need new jeans...

This picture inspired a project I have in the works. There is something about abandoned houses that I love. Especially ones that look haunted. This also reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and The Secret Garden (Btw me and the secret garden are like this: *crosses fingers to signify close camaraderie*).

I should start calling this thing "Ashley's weekly excuse to post pictures of Zooey Deschanel". All I know is this photo is magical.

When I was in Jr. High and High School I had two best friends named Sarah and Alicia. Sarah was the quirky, odd ball with dark hair. Alicia was the quiet, yet bubbly blonde. Ashley was the smart ass, bratty girl with auburn hair. I'd like to think we were like these girls, but we thought we were the power puff girls.

This is going to be my house someday. The fairies will live with me, and the leprechauns will give me their gold, while woodland creature (including deers!) help me clean my house. There's also going to be a witch and a troll, and a lame faun who is really a prince in disguise. Basically it's going to be amazing. I'm also going to wear nothing but lace from spider's webs and flowers in my hair.

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  1. please can i come be your secret maiden friend and have lovely tea parties in that house? because it's absolutely lovely.