April 23, 2009



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I've been feeling weird all week. Like somethings coming, I just can't figure it out. I can't even really describe how I feel. It's like I'm full, and calm, and happy, but scared. It's like there's a small hole in my stomach that keeps trying to churn and freak out, but everything else is telling it to stop, because it's all fine, and the hole knows it's all fine, but it wants to churn nonetheless. That's the best description I can muster. But I think it's going to be big, and good, and free-ing. The thing about it is that even though I have this crazy feeling, I'm not looking for anything to happen. It's like I know it'll happen in it's own good time and meanwhile I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Usually when I'm expecting something I look around every corner, waiting anxiously and end up missing it, cuz I'm specifically looking for it. I don't know. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, maybe I'm a lunatic. All I know is that I feel weird.

How are you feeling today?

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  1. ME TOO!!!!!

    i feel so...calm. which is so NOT how i've been feeling all year. i was telling my mom i lamost feel as though i just signed a big movie deal and have nothing to worry about...but it's this calm like i'm in anticipation of something. it's almost like someone let me in on the secret that something HUGE and AWESOME is about to happen to me, and all i have to do is wait for the awesomness. weird is right.