June 7, 2009

I died...

I dyed my hair. I was very tired of the four inches of dark brown roots and the rest being this strange honey-red brown. My hair is naturally a shade lighter than this, but I figure it'll look better than whatever the heck was there before as it grows out.

Currently I am highly annoyed with certain people. I'd like it if they stopped "joking" about things that aren't true, and stopped making me the punchline to all their jokes. Believe me, I could make you into several punch lines, none of which you really want to hear. I suppose it is because I am far too polite, but the politeness can end now. Mess with me sweetheart, I dare you*.
Also, um, I'm an adult. Why don't you stop pretending I'm not, and you are. Cuz guess what honey, you haven't got it all figured out, nor do I need your advice. Stop being do damn pedantic or the favour will be returned.
I'm off to the garage where I will have an epic battle with a black widow, then find the fabric I need for the dress I'm going to make. By the way does anyone have any idea what to do with really awesomely cheesy unicorn fabric? I mean it's unicorn fabric so it's awesome, but it's also unicorn fabric so it's cheesy. It keeps staring at me from my stash, daring me to make it into something amazing. I think there's only one and a half yards. Be brilliant folks.
*Not intended to sound as nasty as it did. I actually wrote this whole thing very calmly. I'm not angry, just annoyed. Otherwise this has been a perfectly lovely weekend. It only got up to 73 today. The weather this weekend has been wonderful.


  1. i hope this isn't aimed towards me...i wasn't intending to make fun of you with the booze comment...and i don't ever mean to be giving advice, just putting in my two cents from one young ambitious to another...sorry.

  2. 40 paires !!! damn ! lucky you. well...i always feel i need a new pair..somehow.