June 9, 2009

Terrorists and Bankruptcies

So y'all know I work in a Law Office. My dad's Law Office specifically. He does Bankruptcy Law and is very good at it. It bores me to tears, but there are shoes to buy and I need cash. I spend most of my day waiting at the Bankruptcy Court, which is filled with many a strange characters. The security guards are my favourite. In order to enter the court house you need to show Federal ID (passport, DL), and take your shoes off (even sandals, which is stupid(I have a very funny bit I do about the time Jessica tried to argue with the guard about wearing flipflops)). But the guards are really nice old guys, who laugh at everything, and lately I have become their favourite thing to laugh at/about/with. I bring books to read while I wait and now as I put my shoes on and get my stuff from the X-ray machine, me and the guards discuss literature and one of them has now begun reading The Great Gatsby because I've been reading F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of the guards thinks my heart shaped sunglasses are the bee's knees and often wears them for all the other guards once they come out of the X-ray. It amuses me muchly.

But other than the guards it's a pretty boring place, full of mean, nasty old ladies, who seem to think I am charming. So today I went in as normal to file something that should have been filed yesterday, and I was standing in line minding my own bees wax, when in walked a very tall old man. He looked a little gruff, by also like he would probably be a nice guy. So when the head mean old lady came out to ask us what we needed to do, to make sure things were running efficiently. I told her I had some no-fees to file, she moved on to the old man behind me. He dropped a badge that read HOMELAND SECURITY. "I am from Homeland Security and we have a subject that we believe is affiliated with Al Qaeda, that has recently filed bankruptcy. I need a print off of the entire petition right now." The head biddy practically ran back to the office area and before my paperwork was done being stamped the old biddy was back with the petition and all that. So this is the thing, I don't know which of the details of this situation to discuss first; the fact that Terrorists are filing bankruptcy (couldn't Osama Bin Laden hawk some diamonds or something to give them money), or that there are terrorists in Riverside? What I wouldn't give to see their Creditor Matrix:
Creditor: Osama Bin Laden, Address: unknown, Amount: $100,000,000,000,000,000.00
But this totally made my day. I ran back to the office to tell everyone, I was so excited.
In other news I have been called "lollipop" all day. The reason I will reveal on Friday. I have a new segment here that I think is going to be very fun. If it goes well I may even include YOU.
In other, other news, I spent the rest of my day plunging toilets at the office. I shan't go into details, but there are three bathrooms here and only one had worked until today. So I put on a mask, and plunged, and drain-o-ed, complained to no end about how I shouldn't have to clean the toilets, or plunge them, when we have a cleaner, who doesn't do her job, because she thinks that the bathrooms are gross. I mean she's right, but, uh, she gets paid to clean them...
Fun day.

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