June 24, 2009

Yesterday was not exactly the happiest day on earth.

It all started at 2:35 am. I had a dream. A dream about someone I do not particularly care to dream about. A dream that made me wake up and cry. A dream about things that I thought I'd moved on with. A dream that made me angry that I haven't moved on with it. And a dream that was just downright mean for my dumb subconcious to dig up. It was horrible and annoying. And despite the fact that I wanted to jump in the car and go punch someone in particular in the face and tell them to get out of my head, and life (which I had thought they were until then), I forced myself to go back to sleep and think of something else. Which of course didn't happen, and it just kept repeating the same thing over and over again until Grace came in screaming about how she was four now. So when I woke up I was determined not to let it effect my day. I was going to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, and I was going to be in a good mood even if it killed me.

I did a pretty good job until we got to the parking structure to park.

My Disneyland adventure began with my becoming left handed. I've been right handed all my life and never really wanted to change that. So yesterday Eric began attacking me while being spazzy and suddenly as I put my right hand out to defend myself, my thumb nail was touching my wrist. He bent my thumb all the way back spraining the damn thing into eternity. It's still about four times it's normal size and bruised and throbs. I've had to relearn to do everything with my left hand. A.Noy.Ing. It hurt all day, tear inducing, shooting pain, all day. So I was a little annoyed/miffed/not really in the mood to deal with stupid tourists, but I put on a smile and went on, because I was going to be in a good mood dammit.

Then we ate and went to go get on a ride, which I didn't end up going on because I went to meet Bri and Michael in one of the shops. We did some shopping, which was all fine and dandy. Bought three really cute things. Then we met my parents again. By then it was nearly nine pm, and we went and got ice cream as Gracie's "cake".

There are some things I really, really don't like about Disneyland, and most of them happen in the summer during tourist season. People are just plain stupid, mean, rude, and idiotic. They don't know how to walk, think that just cuz they're at Disneyland they must form lines everywhere they go, and expect that because they are the tourists we should all bow to them to make their experience brilliant. It's Disneyland. There are going to be running children, loud noises, lots of people, and an occasional traffic jam. If you don't like it, go home.

So after ice cream, Bri, Michael, and I went to go to Downtown Disney becuase Bri wanted to go to Sephora. Now I don't really wear makeup. I wear some liner, mascara, and powder, and that's about it. If we're going out for something special I sometimes wear eyeshadow, and lipstick, but mostly I stick with chapstick and mascara. I bought three things at Sephora. And spent....


$107.66!!!!! WTF! Seriously! For a bottle of cheap perfume, some face tint, and mascara??? I don't think so! So I'm taking it all back. I don't wear makeup enough to justify it. Mascara goes bad after two months no matter what the quality, so yeah I'd rather spend seven dollars on it then 19. And I wear so little powder that I keep a compact for 6 months, so I don't mind spending 10$, but not $42. I was so mad at the damn total I sat mentally spewing evil thought the whole car ride home. And it didn't help that I couldn't move my thumb. Then I came home and had an email that something was messup with my bank account, and I just about lost it then.

It wasn't a horrible day, but did make me realize that I really need to watch my spending much better. I really didn't over spend (other than the dumb sephora crap), I just lose track, and I'm so dimwitted when it come to numbers that I have a hard time tracking it all again. Tonight I'm going to sit down a build myself a real, honest to goodness budget. If I ever hope to get out of here, I'd better get cracking on it.

In other news, my birthday is in two months, and I am debating between having my parents buy me a plane ticket to go up to Portland for the weekend, or the new Scotty-dog print dooney and bourke bag. I mean I'd never pay that much for a bag, but if they want to buy me it, go ahead. Also I happen to love scotty dogs more than anything. Honestly though I think Portland is going to win.

Also I leave for San Francisco in 13 days!! eek!!! I'm so excited/slightly stressed over getting things done before then. I think I'm going to be in for a busy weekend.

Sorry if I sounded so nasty at the beginning of this post, it was just one of those days and I was frustrated. But hey It's Chipotle wednesday.

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