September 14, 2009

The Wedding Bells have stopped

Hi, I missed you.

No really I did. I missed you all so much. I missed writing, reading, commenting, picture saving, the whole blogging package, I missed it all. That's not to say that this week was not really wonderful (post vent that is) away from blogging. Also before I go any further let me say that I got my nails done and despite the fact that I have since lopped them down to the nub of my finger, I still can't do anything with them. Excuse any typos.

The wedding was absolutely phenomenal and I only lost it once during my speech (which was probably horrible, but I haven't seen the video yet), which was really very considerate of my emotions seeing as I had to sing twice yesterday and if i start to cry before I sing, then I can't sing because my throat, nose, and eye balls are very uncooperative. I did however get to tell embarrassing stories of Bri, which kinda made my day. But everything went smoothly and there were no hiccups, or fights, or even any impoliteness (I deserve to be sainted for how much I talked to certain family members whom I cannot stand). There was a minor annoyance of certain family members who no one can stand showing up the day before FOUR HOURS EARLY and proceeded to sit on their hind quarters and dole out advice on how everything should be done leading to the best quote from the weekend which came from my rather eloquent father: "I am not going to take advice from people who offer input while sitting on their asses."

Besides being just wonderful and beautiful, it was down right fun! We danced and sang and laughed at the anti AA meeting table (how one table can go through five bottles of champagne is beyond me. I managed two glasses.), we ate good food (cheesecake factory catered), had ridiculously decadent cupcakes, rootbeer (my family is obsessed with rootbeer) and lots and lots of laughs. Everyone looked beautiful, the weather was perfect, and we even got to throw Fraser in the ocean!

On a personal note I think I should probably be granted a medal of honor for how well behaved I was when certain people whom I cannot stand, made snide comments such as "Oh Ashley you did such a good job singing. Your voice has really matured lately", and I just smiled and thanked her when I really wanted to snap back and say "oh why thanks, yeah it's amazing the difference TRAINING your voice for ELEVEN YEARS makes, as opposed to two years of high school choir and being on the choir of a college you don't actually go to. Oh plus the fact that there is more talent in my nail clippings than in your whole body, but thanks anyways", or when certain person said "oh Ash it'll be you next who gets married, unless of course it's one of my daughters, who have "long term" (read shagging buddies) relationships, and who caught the bouquet! haha!" to which I just laughed and smiled when I really wanted to say "oh you mean the sluts you raised who are sluts and slutish, and not even that nice? You mean the ones that are "taking a break" from dating their bed partners? Yeah I'm sure it'll be one of them." Sometimes I'm amazed at how well behaved I can be. And sometimes I regret, just a little, not saying nasty things back. I can play the game very well, I just choose not to.

Some of my favourite moments included when Bri and my dad did the father-daughter dance. Bri was asking my dad if he wanted to do it a couple of days ago and during the discussion she inadvertently offended him, so to make up for it, she played To Sir With Love for their dance and surprised my dad, who I think almost cried. I also got to sing Bri and Michael's first dance which was to Moon River. Somehow I ended up being put in charge of DJing most of the reception, which was quite a artfully executed move on my part so as to avoid dancing, though Sarah and I did go up and do the six Swing Dance moved we know to Johnny B. Goode.

So all in all it was a really nice weekend, and everyone had a good time- including Michael and Bri (who at one point announced to everyone that they WERE eating at their own wedding no matter what). I'll post some of the (449) pictures I took yesterday, tomorrow. I also took about a jillion outfit shots this week so as to save my sanity from going completely down the drain. Oh plus I still have the Norco Fair to regale you all with! Two words to prepare you for it: Tractor Porn.

Oh god, my blog is going to get alot of hits from google searches this week for tractor porn.

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