October 15, 2009

A blog full of fluff

It is hot. So hot that it's gotten ridiculous. Overnight it went from 60 to 93. We will be having this heat spell for about two weeks... I am annoyed with this.
Not much to say. Good morning, decent day, Good musical progress, excited for Monday (I'm seeing the closing Decemberists Show and yes I saw the opening show in LA and I'm seeing the closing show in LA but this one has animation and I'm flipping excited!), bought a new CD that I am super excited for it's arrival, wrote a song about a dead girl and her ghost (don't ask), *might* be seeing U2 next Sunday if my old fogey dad caves, built up new callouses, was given some very nice compliments on my vast and varied musical background (nice to know my inability to stick to one thing has paid off in a way), saw old friends that I miss, and overall, just a good day.
About the dead girl song: I have no idea where it came from. I was playing my guitar moving around different cords and suddenly this song was born. The words literally flew off my tongue and I fell in love with it. It is a story song about a girl who is murdered and then her ghost haunts her murderers until they kill themselves...
I think my subconscious is a goth, and my id is in denial.
I am in the mood to travel. By car, by boat, by plane, by train, hell I'd walk. I'm just itching to go somewhere and see something new, or even something old that I haven't seen in a while. Places that are especially attractive right now: anywhere with rain, anywhere it is cold, anywhere I can wear tights, anywhere with forrests, anywhere with deers, and a cold beach. Sounds very good.
Yesterday's little photo shoot got my creative juices flowing big time. I'm bursting with all sorts of ideas and plans. Now I just need to figure out when I'm going to accomplish all of this.

I am making a dress this weekend (even if it kills me) to wear on Monday. This is the inspiration:

It's gonna be great. Even if it kills me.

What have you got in store for this weekend?


  1. the images you post are always so beautiful.

    also really like your photos you took.
    i won't make fun of you for it 'cause it's prob something i would do too.

    <3 you. see you monday.

  2. your too hot? it's freezing over here!

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  3. we'll have to do a weatehr trade! i hate it when it's too hot but also when it's too cold! :)

    I just noticed that you commented on my giveaway but didn’t leave your email address. Do you want to be entered into it? I’d hate you to miss out x

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  4. Lovely pictures! I would love for it to be hot now that it's so cold here (even though I remember how miserable it was over the summer).