February 1, 2010

Monday Inspiration #29: A Beautiful Arrangement

I have been loving eveyone's posts on Spring inspiration. Even though I am not done with Winter (though our weather would have you believe otherwise), I am really looking forward to Spring. Mostly because I really, really love flowers. The other day I was talking with Chelsea about how I think it would be fun to take a flower arranging class this year. So then on Friday I was in my favourite thrift shop and found a book from the 1960's on flower arranging! While some of the arrangments are a bit... overdone (not to mention really tacky!), they are still beautiful and charming in their own right. So here are some of my favourite arrangements from the book.

This is my favourite, mostly because it looks like it belongs on cake wrecks. I'm still trying to figure out the dead twigs....

My favourite flowers are Poppies and Roses. What are yours?


  1. Oh I love those crazy 60s arrangements! Flower arrangement is one of those skills I always wish I had. Imagine what fun it would be to work in a floral shop! My favourite flowers are hydrangeas, gypsophila baby's breath (which was my wedding flower), and baby roses. :)

  2. my favorite flowers are white daisies, lavender, and poppies. i love the third flower arrangement.