February 9, 2010

We'll call it a draw.

I'm so sorry about how late this is, but let me tell you about my day:

Dress, Sweater, Necklace & Slip- Vintage
Earrings- F21
Shoes- Payless
I started editing the Novel I Wrote Two Years Ago And Am Still Finishing about two weeks ago. I'm now in the middle of chapter 3. It's been fun, and frustrating, but mostly fun. Until last night. Last night I was at "Particularly Boring Section" and kept reworking things over and over again. The diologue didn't flow, the timing was off, the subject was boring, it just wasn't working. So in frustration I saved my work, closed the programme and decided to switch gears and work on some music. I started to tune my guitar. My G string broke. It also sliced my arm. So i replaced the G string because someone was smart and bought two packs of strings last time she broke a string (it really doesn't happen all that often, but I am being dramatic). I tuned the A string. I moved on and tuned my B string, then moved on to tune the bottom E string. My E String broke. So I grabbed my string changing tool, slipped in under the doo-hicky that holds the strings in, began to pry it up and SNAP! the top of the doo-hicky broke off. At this point I gave up and went to bed. except I couldn't really sleep all that well and somehow managed to wake up (late I might add) with botha stiff neck and horribly sore throat. Also I'm pretty sure I was having hot flashes last night, because even though it was cold, I kept kicking off my blankets because I got too hot. I knew it was cold, but I kept kicking the stupid covers off anyways and was rewarded with a dang sore throat. Good job Ashley.
So then I got to work, there was no parking, this and that happened, and it was like I just couldn't win. So I focused on finishing up the petition I needed to get done and was desperately scrambling to finish it up before their appointment, because they had given us all their bills going back to 2001! I even found one that was from my 15th birthday. Then they never showed up. SO finally I left work and went to my favourite music shop on my way home. I went in told the guy what I had done, grabbed even more strings, and the tool to replace the strings (did I mention that I broke that as well?) only to find out that the doo-hicky I broke was only fifty cents to replace and that the strings were buy one get one! So yay, the world doesn't hate me! So then I left to run to a pub I went to on Friday where I left my phone. Turns out this pub's alcohol license was susspended starting today until the 19th! So now I've got to see if I can get ahold of them and get my phone or if I have to wait ten days until they open again. So then I took the
back way home and stopped at a store because I am out of the wavy hair stuff I use. I search the store only to find out they have now discontinued this line so I'm without wavy hair spray stuff. The only saving grace about today was that it was rainy and lovely and I had on pretty shoes. I'm saying that today was a draw: no one really lost, but no one won either. But anyways.

So this is what I wore yesterday, which was a very spring-ish day. The dress is the one I bought on Sunday and I just love it! It's made out of a sheer rayon and will be perfect for warm days. The neckline is so pretty and delicate and i just love the print! I don't own much in the way of floral prints and I don't even own many pastels (I am convinced I look horrible in pastels), but this dress won my heart from minute one!

Anyways, that is all for now. I am going to eat some chocolate and do battle with a novel. Here's to a less weird and downright strange day tomorrow!

How has your day been?



  1. Whew!! Im tired.. but i love those shoes. And florals are pretty on you...

  2. you have such a way to engage your readers. wow. i feel tired too. hahaha! and pastels look beautyful on you! and i wish i could find vintage treasures my size.

    *dreaming vintage*

    ...also, what pretty shoes were you talking about? the blue one on the picture? or another pair?

  3. that dress looks great on you....very flattering!

  4. You look so fabulous in these photos!!! Gorgeous!!