April 27, 2010

Civic Duty, Pivish Schmooty

I have a post all prepared for today sans pictures, but I am currently waiting to see if I will be chosen for a jury. I could dedicate an entire blog to how much I hate Jury Duty, but oddly enough this one has almost been enjoyable. I had a friend, who was also called in today, whom I haven't seen in like two years, and while we weren't discussing knitting projects and pattern drafting, I read The Great Gatsby. There was the whole coffee situation, which I will tell you all about later, but the best thing is the case I got called in on is a criminal case and the defendant is self-represented, and has dreds. I think we've got ourselves a MaryJane case. I actually almost want to serve on this jury. Almost.
Funny enough the DA is a gal who I am sure thinks she is the shizz in the fashion dept. and since I made sure to dress up today, she made a point to make eye contact and smile widely at me. Unfortunatly for her I am already rooting for the guy in the Lion of Judah t-shirt.
Oh Jury Duty....


  1. love your blog!!!really good work!!keep it up!!!nice meeting you!!

  2. LOL...I once served on a jury for a month. It was so boring!! Good luck. :)