May 27, 2010

A Practical Wardrobe



I can go two weeks without doing laundry. I could actually probably go longer clothing wise, but I only have enough underware to last me two weeks. I am partially impressed by this fact and partially horrified by it. I mean I have 29 dresses hanging in my closet, and one in my hamper. I should never have any excuse not to be dressed properly. Not that I ususally am, I'm just saying.... Every two weeks when I do laundry, I go through the same thought process. As I shove my clothes on the rack of my closet hoping to sqeeze another four shirts on the less than an inch I have left on the rod, I think about down sizing. Then I promptly forget that thought because the best solution to this problem is of course to get a bigger closet or move my etsy inventory, which takes up a good 3rd of the closet. Because, i just could not bare to part with any of my clothing. Except I probably could. And then I saw this post and it got me thinking about what my practical wardrobe would look like. Which has led me to some very interesting style revelations. A practical wardrobe for my life right now probably looks something like this:
  • Work wear- Office appropriate dresses or skirt/blouse combos.
  • Day wear- More casual dresses or skirt/blouse combos for weekends or days off/music gigs
  • House wear- dresses or seperates (slacks/maybe jeans) for wearing around the house or for cleaning
  • Night wear/Special occassion- A few nice, or more dressy dresses for going out or special occasions
  • Rehearsal wear- things that I can move and dance in

It's not a terribly glamourous list, but it would finction very well for my life. I think alot of things in each catergory could probably transfer over to another catagory. Blouses I would wear for work could always be worn as day wear as well, and so forth. Actually I think the first two categories are the hardest for me to seperate, but I'm hoping this will come naturally as I build (or weed down) to the essentials. Since I abhor suits, it might be a little difficult, but eventually it will sort it's self out. But anyways, the point is that my current wardrobe is a modge-podge of confusion (much like the attic of my mind), and doesn't really feel very cohesive. Now granted, I don't think a wardrobe should be so very matchy-matchy, But it would be nice to have shirts to match skirts, and y'know, a geneal rhyme or reason to my clothing? Which is something that comes from my cumpulsive thrifting habit. But it also comes from the fact that I've always had a hard time sorting out "my style" as far as vintage goes. I've written very long winded posts about this before. I have always had a really hard time saying "yes this is the decade for me," because my tastes are so varied. Well I began to realize that in terms of shillouet, and style, the types of clothes I lean towards the most are those from the 40's. So this weekend I'm going to start trying to build a more cohesive wardrobe.





  1. oh wow great illustrations...

  2. these photos are true inspiration! thanks for sharing love!

  3. yes... i've often looked at your posts and thought, dang! her collection of amazing dresses is endless! :P i have a completely over-stuffed closet (i have 20 wonder hangers - which btw i completely recommend!!) yet i am always complaining that i have nothing to wear/wind up wearing the same clothes all the time. sometimes i even buy stuff and never wear it for months.. i think i just have a shopping addiction to be honest. :/

    love the patterns!

  4. NVS- Thanks! I found them all on the vintage Sewing Pattern Wiki

    BBM- I'm so glad you like them!

    Jennifer- Saddly it is endless sometimes! But I know what you mean. I sit there looking at everything in my closet and saying, I've already done that, I need new! But in the end the weeding out has made me a little more creative in my pairing!