June 2, 2010

Freeway Fires and "Better Late Than Never" Spring Cleaning.

Thanks to everyone who has entered the giveaway so far! If you haven't there's still time! I'm drawing the name Friday around noonish (PST), and will post the winner that evening! Good Luck!

91 freeway on the Friday before Memorial Day

91 freeway on the Friday before Memorial Day

Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like I've been particularly quiet here the last couple weeks. If I have been, I'm sorry (unless of course you have enjoyed the silence), if I have not, I'm just delilusional. Anyways. This weekend was kind of exahusting, but in a goodway. Friday my mom and siblings went out of town for a 4-H thing and I watched Grace. We went to Disneyland (and for locals, yes I did get stuck in the nastiness of the 91 (click the link if you have no idea what I'm talking about). I actually got on the freeway as the accident happened and it took me and hour and a half to get through Corona. It was horrible, above is a picture. If you zoom in you can see the actual fire below all that nasty smoke I got to breathe in.), which was really fun albeit tiring. A very rambunktious nearly five year old should not be allowed to pick all the rides and you should not give her seven tons of sugar before hand.









The rest of the weekend was spent watching her with Bri, doing some shopping, and just being tired (being stuck in three hours worth of traffic can really hurt a person's awakeness). Sunday I started deep cleaning my room. It was horrible. I'm still not done (though am very, very close.) I went through everything, boxed up anything I didn't need, moved boxes to our storage unit, and took a total of five trash bags full of donations to Goodwill as well as about five or six actual bags I got rid of. One bag was full of shoes. 20 pairs of shoes to be exact. Yes. I now have 38 pairs of shoes. I could probably get rid of more, but it might kill me. But in all honesty I have been really good about getting rid of things I don't wear/like/need/or want. I'm trying out this whole "less is more" thing and I'm finding I quite like it. One of the problems with thrifting is that when everything is so cheap I tend to over buy and I'm trying to whittle down my world to just the things I really need or really love. So it's been very good! And this month I'm putting my foot down and I refuse to buy anything more. I need to save my pennies! I'm hoping that my being in rehearsal four nights a week will help this. Wish me luck!




I also did a little re-decorating. Not much, mostly just hung this curio shelf I found at a thrift store a few weeks back, and moved all my Nancy Drew books there (to make room for all the other books I had laying around!) I also put my hats up as decoration. They're here and on the top of my hutch (which is still a little messy, bit I did this at 11:00 at night). I'm pretty please with how it's all coming along! I even got some under bed storage bags for out of season clothes. Tonight my plan is to go through that basket at the foot of my bed (which is um... mending. yeah.) and try to get through as much of those projects as I can, and also to vaccume the ridiculous amount of hair that is covering my carpet. You'd think I was a dog. So that's my better late than never spring cleaning project! It feels good to eliminate so much un-nessisary "stuff!" As soon as all this is done I fully intend to spend three whole days doing nothing. I'm pooped!





  1. Oh dear that traffic sounds terrible! But you and Grace look like you had a fun time. She's such a cutie-pie in that little gingham dress!
    And good luck with the room cleaning and that mending pile!

  2. That little girl is the cutest little girl ever! She reminds me of the little red-headed girl...what's her name? She was in a movie, anyways, I feel the same way about thrifting, I have been trying to clean out my closet because it's full and I want to have fewer options when I dress but options that I love and that make me feel good whenever I wear them.

  3. that girl is sooo cute and sweet looking! aw!! also, i spy the dress that's a twin to mine in your closet there! hehe

  4. 1. love your blog and fashion
    2. I LOVE OLD NANCY DREW BOOKS! I started reading them when I was around 8 because my mom had a ton of them
    3. Hmm I don't have a number 3.


    Sarah @ Return to Sender

  5. Sarah- The dress Gracie was wearing is actually a vintage one I bought her for $2! My mom and I have been playing doll and anytime we see any kind of vintage little girl's clothing we snatch it up!

    MIP- She's so obsessed with Annie! She sings the songs at the top of her lungs and her favourite is that "Dumb Dog" song! I've found that i actually like having fewer options when it comes to clothing I'm more creative and if nothing else it's got me in a big sewing mood! haha!

    Linda- Thanks!

    Jennifer- Why thank you! That would be our twin dreses, I just haven't gotten around to wearing mine yet!

    Sarah- Aw thanks! I have a whole Nancy Drew post coming up in the next couple of weeks!