August 27, 2010

A Knitted Hasbeen


Dress- Vintage
Shoes- Swedish Hasbeens, gift from my parents!
Sunnies- Modcloth

Sometime mid June I woke up at 3 am and decided to learn to knit. This is a true story. It took me about a week to figure out how to cast on. It took me two weeks to knit two rows (granted my knitting time was about five minutes per rehearsal which adds up to about 20 mins. per week). Then I abandoned my knitting. And there is sat on my headboard until last weekend when I thought, "I should really at least try to finish the scarf..." So I picked up my knitting and have now become a total addict. I love it. I've even begun Christmas gifts (I know!). I want to do nothing with my life but knit. Preferably in an old cottage by the Irish Sea where I will make homemade clam chowder (which I did a week ago and forgot to take pictures of, which of course means I have to do it again so I can show you how incredibly easy it is!), and sip copious amounts of coffee as I knit my lobster man husband yet another cable knit sweater with our three redhead daughters. It's a plan I'm working on.


But that is not the point of the post (however I would kill right now for some gloomy Irish Sea weather. sigh...). The point of this post is my new shoesies. You see I have wanted a pair of these bad boys for, like, ever. They are a combination of the totally awesome Hannah Andersen clogs I had as a kid, and the ubiquitous saltwaters that seemed to be the kids shoes of choice for my parents (we got two pair every summer. One white, one fun colour. Except Ashley never got red or navy ones even though she really wanted red or navy ones. And guess who's parents bought her five year old sister BOTH red and navy ones this summer? Life just ain't fair.). Plus I have a slight obsession with all things Scandinavian. Plus they're flipping adorable. I have searched high and low for a pair for cheap, because I am cheap and did not really want to dish out $200 for a pair of shoes, regardless of how utterly perfect they are.



Well someone had a Birthday on the 24th and went down to San Diego and got some Ben and Jerry's (btw Bonnaroo Buzz Might be my new favourite thing on earth) and was handed a big bag. Inside were these beauties. They are perfect in case you are wondering. They have not come off my feet since Tuesday night because, yes I wore them the rest of the night (and I may have been given a hint as the their purchase, and I may have made sure my outfit matched them... maybe...). They are ridiculously comfortable, painfully cute, and oh there's the little fact that they match nearly my entire wardrobe. get used to their presence, you will see them alot.


I fully intended to keep this post short, but I thought I'd touch on something else about this ensemble (I had to resist the urge to italicize that and pronounce it in a French accent in my head. This post is going nowhere. I think it's the heat.). This is a dress that is very dear to me. I bought it is 2008 and it was the first vintage dress I'd bought in.....10 years...? It was the dress that got me back into vintage clothes (after a bad bought of jeansandhoodieandflipflopitis). I love this dress. I tailored it to fit better, I will never get rid of it, and yet I almost never wear it (I think it's made all of two prior appearances on this blog). There's something a little too 80's for me about it, and I think that's why I tend to steer clear of it, but it really does have a very nice and flattering silhouette. And the print is so much fun and so cheery, so I really have no idea why I never wear it. I think that needs to change. Does anyone else have those clothes? The ones you really, really love, but for some reason never wear? Or am I just a nutter?


In other news the weather has cooled down a bit. And by a bit I mean enough to make me stop acting like a cranky baby. I cried yesterday. I also couldn't step outside without becoming a new shade of pink. It was just delightful. (<--- this is sarcasm.) It has also cooled down enough that I can now resume drinking coffee, which has relieved the massive headache I've had. Oh and I joined Ravelry. Let's be friends. I think I need more coffee. Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm growing out my bangs again. We'll see how long this lasts...


  1. i LOVE that dress. it looks fab on you! my closet is so full of dresses that i love but never wear... and i really don't know why!! maybe it just feels like i never wear them since it's been a brutally hot summer in nyc and all of my favorites are polyester. :x

  2. such cute outfit Ashley, those shoes were made for you! =)