December 1, 2010

December One-th

These are actually from Sunday. I cut and dyed my hair. No more shaggy layers! I cut about four inches off. I miss my long hair, but now it will grown out evenly and hopefully my bangs will be easier to blend in. As for the colour, well it's a tad bit more red than I intended, but I don't mind it so much now. It's growing on me, but I'm not sure I'd ever colour it the same colour again.

Cardi- Vintage, thrifted
Dress- Made by me (and really needs to be remade)
"Keds"- Target
Necklace- Ruche
Crocheted Hair Flower- Gift from my aunt last year
I did not intend to disappear last week. Life was a bit on the crazy side. I had family in for Thanksgiving. Very trying family. Family that still hold a grudge against me for something I did at the age of 3. Which by the way was 20 years ago, so yeah. The week they were here was honestly mostly wonderful, but it definitely had it's downs. I would make a snotty comment, but only my mom would get it :-)


I should note though, that I was having a bad day when I took these (okay a bad weekend (see above for reason)), so excuse the slightly annoyed expressions.

I cannot believe it is already December! Not that I mind! December is my favourite month of the year. Christmas makes me happy. Everything about it. And I only have four more gifts to buy and I'm done with my shopping!  I love Christmas so much. Everything is so much more magical in the cold. I do not like that Christmas in California means Santa Ana Winds Season. My poor chapped lips don't like it either. But it's a small price to see all the pretty house lights that are popping up!


Here's a better picture of the colour and length. 

Things I Will Accomplish On Thursday (Even If It Kills Me)
-Clean my room
-Get etsy shop actually updated
- Laundry
-Respond to blog comments
- Catch up on blogs
-Begin wrapping gifts (because I have so many they do not fit in my room any more...)

Remember a while ago when people were posting their outakes? Here's some of mine. The first one is courtesy those lovely Santa Ana Winds (which by the way for those of you who have seen The Holiday, that whole legend about the Santa Anas that Jack Black tells Kate Winslet, never heard of that before that movie, and I've lived here my whole life, so I don't know what the heck he's talking about. They are very much not magical). The second is proof of my terrible un-gracefulness. I literally just lost my balance standing up. Because I'm awesome. 




  1. Your new hair cut/colour looks gorgeous! Perfect pairing with the red polka dots and blue cardi. :)

  2. I just adore your entire outfit! The dress is amazing and your hair is fantastic. Everything is just so perfect!

  3. ure such a betty! this outfit is so festive and fun. u look adorable as always and i am so coveting ure red keds. i love em!

  4. This is a lovely shade of red on you! Love how beautiful if looks with the crocheted pin!

  5. I love this look!!! The dress is amazing! Love the polka dots and the red shoes!

    Also, I'm so excited to "meet" another secret blogger!