January 26, 2011

January 26th 2011

I want to remember everything about today. Everything. My chapped lips, dry and desperately in need of a shave legs, dark circles under my eyes, messy room, dismal mood upon waking up, cold shower, small panic attack.... I want to remember it all. Because as soon as I finished with that cold shower, and wrapped my hair in a towel, sat naked on my bed, opened my laptop, checked my email, and burst into tears. Happy, happy, elated tears.

I got accepted. I GOT ACCEPTED! And they can't wait to welcome me to Beaver Nation! Needless to say I am so excited and terrified, and it's taking all my strength to not tell every stranger who passes my way. There's so much to do now and my brain is freaking out a bit, but I am just so, so, so excited!!!

I'll be back later today with a legitimate post, but right now I am off to go get celebratory froyo. Ah, life is good.


  1. Congratulations, Ashley! I hope you'll have a simply terrific experience there.

  2. Congrats, beautiful! So exciting!