April 4, 2011

Let me go home

I have been in a 60's surf mood lately (as far as films and music goes) and this song pretty much sums up my feelings about work right now:

Why? Well because this is how I spent my weekend:


Trial prep. Fun huh? No, not exactly. I ended up being at work for almost 10 hours on Saturday, and was not exactly happy about it. Sunday I tired to catch up on the things I had planned on doing this weekend, but I was so tired, and crummy feeling (my allergies are acting up and every time the weather flip-flops I get a sinus thing, which is super fun..) I got about zilch done. Sigh. When I woke up this morning (an hour early because I had to be back at work finishing those darn trial folders...) clothes were the furthest thing from my mind. I don't actually remember getting dressed, so I can't tell you if there was anything behind it other than the fact that these were the first things I grabbed, but as I was leaving my house, I caught a glimpse in a mirror and didn't really like it all that much. But I didn't have time to change.

Let me go home
Bandana- ?
Cardigan and Bag- Thrifted
Top- H&M
Jeans- Lane Bryant
Shoes- Swedish Hasbeens
Bangles- wood one, thrifted, stone one, world market
"A" Brooch- vintage

Let me go home

Let me go home
So when I got to work I was quite surprised by the showering of compliments I got on this ensemble! Everyone seemed to love it! After taking photos, I can see that it's not that bad, but I'm still not terribly thrilled by it. And I apologize for the dark photos. I've got to start remembering to take photos earlier in the day!

Tonight I'm going swing dancing whether it kills me or not!


  1. i love your outfit! stripes are my favourite, and red shoes are a win every time!

  2. I love your outfit too - very cute! Can I ask a question? I'm thinking about getting some swedish hasbeens but I'm worried about how they'll fit on wide feet. Are they quite roomy or are they narrow? And are they comfy?
    Thank you gorgeous lady!!


  3. I love the strips... because I desperately love stripes... but I love you in jeans. Mainly because you make them look so "un"ordinary. You make them look vintage and cool... I just look like a schlub... LOVE IT!!!