August 3, 2011

A Very Special Announcement!

Well hello there! Today I have a very Special Announcement! After quite a bit of feedback on the dress from yesterday's post, I have decided to do a sew along! That's right, I'm going to show you have to make one of your very own! Because I'm awesome, and so are you!! This project is not only fun, and incredibly customizable, but also perfect for the beginner seamstress! Even if you've never stitched a thing in your life, YOU can make this dress. If I can make this dress, you can make this dress! And if you're an experienced seamstress, now is your chance to play with design. The possibilities are endless!

Summer Spot Dress

Here's how this works:

Over the next two weeks I will make daily posts for each step in the process. The schedule will look like this:

  • August 3rd- Introduction
  • August4th- Supplies and Fabric
  • August 5th- Inspiration and design ideas
  • August 8th- Assembling the pattern and finding your size
  • August 9th- Cutting and re-sizing
  • August 10th- Stitching the bodice
  • August 11th- Making the skirt
  • August 12th- Pockets and finishing
  • August 15th- Dress Up Day!

As you can see you'll have this week to gather the supplies you need, and to start thinking about your design. Next week will be the actual making of the dress. Now, if you are experienced as a sewist, feel free to jump ahead and figure it all out on your own, but the idea of this sew along is for people who have never sewn before, or have very little experience. 

However, for those with more experience I will be posting some slightly more challenging techniques and ideas in each post. If you are an ambitious beginner, feel free to follow along with the optional instructions too!

There is no need to sign up for anything, just participate at your own pace. If you would like to link to these posts or use the banner there are three sizes down below. You can link to this tag:

Don't forget to show your work! You can join the flickr group to upload photos of your work in progress and  finished product. 

On August 15th everyone who participates can leave a link in the comments. Later that evening I'll be posting everyone (who wishes, do let me know in your comment if you'd like me to share your link or not)'s links so that all those who participated can see everyone's dress or dresses! And yes, you are more than welcome to make as many as you'd like!

I hope everyone can join in! I am super excited about this! Please let me know if you plan on participating. I can't wait to see whatever one makes!

Happy Sewing!

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