August 9, 2011

Sorbetto Dress Sew Along: Grading Your Pattern and Cutting the Bodice

I thought I'd do these bits in video format.

Notes on the video

  • ignore my messy room
  • ignore the fact that I have one hand of nails painted.
  • I actually messed this up a bit. You need to start with your pattern the same distance away from the edge as the rest of your pattern. That's why it's important to measure the pleat and transfer that to your new pattern piece. 
  • ignore the fact that I crack myself up.  
  • This is the link for the site I learned to grade.
  • And here is where you can buy your own Chalkoner. I honestly love mine to death! 
You don't really need a video for the cutting portion, but I did want to give you a peek at my very clever *snicker snicker* pattern weights.

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