November 16, 2011

Care Package


My family sent me a care package this week. Finally! Lol! I have been patiently awaiting this box for a rather long time and did a happy dance when it finally arrived (much to amusement of everyone in the mail centre). I even made a video of me opening it! The contents were wonderful and made me miss everyone just a little bit more. It was filled with sweets, and things I needed, plus a few surprises!


Coffee!!! No more crappy coffee from the dinning hall!


3 sweet notes from 3 sweet kiddos. Grace's cracks me up! She wrote "I miss you so much that I can't stop calling you. You're a silly Grace, and so am I, Love Grace."


Yummy dark chocolate hot cocoa! 


Candy Corn!! I couldn't find any up here so I pleaded for people to send me some. I will never be rid of it now. I am not upset about that.


Chelsea made Pumpkin Spice donuts. They were much more of a cake dough than a gross donut dough, and they were delicious!


My own pumpkin to carve. Foam pumpkins are a lot harder to carve than you'd think...


A cute little tin! There are different posters on each side of it!


I have no idea what the sparkly star is for/from, but I do like sparkles! And I got some of Gracie's yummy blueberry jelly that she made for 4-H this year! I'm actually not a huge fan of most blueberry things, but I adore this jelly!


Someone please remind me to change my address for my Martha Stewart subscription. Also, it really makes me happy that I have an Anthro catalog. I haven't been shopping since September....


Chocolate Chip Cookies!!


The most exciting thing in the box! Shampoo!! I ran out last Sunday and hadn't been able to wash my hair since. Things were bad. By the way, sea salt is not a good shampoo substitute, no matter what your 2am brain tells you...


  1. aw thats so awesome! its always great getting packages like this in the mail from people who know you and care about you! :)


  2. Looks like the boxes I ship to my daughter to school...and yes, the last one contained candy corn. Going home for Thanksgiving?