December 27, 2011

Crown of Braids

Excuse the messy bathroom! I need to do laundry!
Cardigan- Target
Top- Thrifted
Skirt- Made by me
Flats- Walmart of all places
Earrings and Brooch- Gift from Delaney
Bag- Anthro, gift from my parents.

Last night my family and I went to go see Hugo. They had all seen it before and were keen to see it again, however this was my first time. Good Lord I loved it! So beautiful! The cast was fantastic, the costuming brilliant, and just visually stunning! I absolutely adored it! It has me completely inspired for my winter wardrobe. But that is for another post. This is what I wore to go to the theatre. Simple, but comfy and cute.


I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! Our day was really very lovely. Different than it was in years past, but very wonderful. My poor camera is out in the shop getting all fixed and shiny thanks to a very generous gift from my parents and should been back in my hands in two to four weeks! Yay! Until then I apologize for crappy phone pictures but I got a new spaceage phone!! I actually really hate cellphones. I have for years been of the phones are for calling in emergencies mindset, but now that I have joined the 21st Century I am quite a fan! I think I downloaded about 800 free music apps yesterday. I also found a pretty neat photo editing tool for free. It doesn't do much, but is still fun to play around with. I am very happy!


It's actually Navy and Tan! I love the keychain detail!


This outfit also features two other gifts. The bag is from my parents from Anthro. It was originally $200. It is all leather and a perfect neutral bag, which I desperately needed. The bag had been marked down to $99 recently and then was marked down to $50. Then when Anthro had their pre Christmas 50% off sale my mom and dad snatched it up for a mere $25! Crazy! And I adore it. I'm also wearing the earrings and brooch set Delaney made. Aren't they neato! She made them with some wire and a little hot glue! super clever and adorable!


I saw this tutorial for a braid crown (something I've been wanting to do for a very long time) and decided to give it a go last night. It came out pretty decent. Not as neat as I'd have liked it, but I will be doing this again for sure. Especially on those days when I haven't washed my hair! I can't believe that I go back in 9 days!! I'm both looking forward to it, and also dreading it. This is going to be a crazy busy term with the Opera (which, um, I haven't even touched...) and everything. But I am excited to see my friends again and to be back in the nice cold weather. Here's hoping the next 9 days don't fly by!

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