January 23, 2012

Monday How-To: How to pretend you don't care what you look like at a 3 hours long night rehearsal. Working Title.

First Put your hair up in something messy that resembles a bun-ponytail hybrid. Pin it down securely because you totally don't care.

Second put on the deoderant you forgot to put on in the morning.

3rd, wear jeans, cuz you totally don't care

4. wear sandals. Nothing says, yes I totally am a Californian who doesn't care about The Man or rehearsal like sandals. Also you are sick of close toed shoes/boots/socks...

Fifth: Lace cami that shows off your bra, because you are way too cool to care.

Next, a Ironic Hipster shirt you totally did didn't buy in Portland years ago...

After that you'll want to add a cardigan because your feet are going to freeze. I recommend a cardigan you left in your dorm room wet before you left for winter break so when you came back it was in a jumbled heap. Wrinkles scream I don't care. Also make sure it doesn't match.

Add some bling. Especially if it is bling that reminds your director of you name and not your character's name which he has started calling you all the time and in choir when he can't remember you actual name and now he doesn't even say the character's full name but a nickname for the character which is Pam, which you hate.

Skip the watch and go with a big bangle. Just because you don't care.

You should probably wear earrings you bought during a personal style crisis that are so heavy you can only wear them for a few hours at a time.

Throw on the headband you wear to the gym because now it totally looks like you really don't care.

Schlop, and I do mean schlop, on some nailpolish because you so don't care.

And finally, put on some perfume your Mama bought you as a surprise. You might not care, but you should probably smell good.

If you're an overachiever, which you shouldn't be, it's a good idea to leave your music in your room.

And that concludes this week's How-To.

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