February 9, 2012

Picnics and Hats


Last week we were treated to Oregon's fake Spring. It was a glorious few days filled with crisp cool air, blossoming honeysuckles, clear blue skies, and plenty of sunshine. I like my sunshine in small doses and accompanied by cool temperatures. I am totally okay with that kind of sunshine.






Laura and I decided to take a picnic on Saturday in an effort to restore our depleted quantities of Vitamin D (She being from New Mexico and me from So. Cal, we have been running pretty low). We intended to do some homework as well, but, well, that never happened. We did see a guy with his shorts tied up like bikini bottoms... And we got our picture taken by an older woman who was in a photography club. She liked my hat. I tried to find the photo through various google searches. Interestingly if you do a google image search for "Corvallis Oregon picnic hat" photos from my blog pop up. I clearly blog about picnics and hats too much...




Blouse& Saltwaters- Thrifted
Skirt- Made by me
Hat 1- H&M
Hat 2- Gift from Bri
Hat 3- Target

I intended to take proper outfit photos, but kind of forgot, so these will have to do. I took these to send to Charissa and Chelsea to see which hat they liked the best. The first was the clear winner (which is why I am slightly sad that I look so upset!). After we had eaten, Laura and I picked up another friend and headed out to the next town over to seek some apparently legendary donuts. I dislike donuts, but was told they were quite good. Across the street from the donut shop was a vintage hardware store. As in they sold vintage hardware. Old doors and windows, and knick-knacks, and sewing machines, and... I could have spent hours in there. The next time my mom visits we will definitely be going there. She'd go weak in the knees!





Laura and I were supposed to go to a Superbowl party the next day (I ended up having to stay home and work on a bibliography though!) and decided to make cupcakes. Which was quite an adventure considering we didn't have any measuring spoons or cups... So we eyeballed it. It was a disaster. Our original plan was lemon cupcakes but after four taste tests, and about three hours, we decided just to go buy a box of cake mix and call it a night. We started baking around 6pm and finished around 11:30pm. But it was still such a lovely, lovely day.



The rain is back now and I gotta say, I almost miss not being soaked to the bone by the time I get to class. Almost.

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