March 28, 2012


I spent far too much time daydreaming. Like when having a conversation I'll start daydreaming and forget what I am saying, or will have no idea what the other person is saying because my mind is off somewhere else. I daydream a lot about the future, places I'd like to go or live, the people I will meet, the stories that have yet to be told that make up my future. I play these in my head like a film and often when life gets tough and I can't see my way out of a problem I replay these daydreams and they help keep me focused and remind me that there is always hope. I spent much of the last few months doing just that. Daydreaming helps me dissolve my stress and remember that the world beyond brick walls and lecture halls is pretty magical. 

Many of these daydreams take place in a certain type of location. A forest is most common. Usually rainy, a little dark, overgrown and covered in moss. There's a cabin nearby with a wood burning fire you can smell. My cheeks are cold, but my heart is warm and filled with love and hope. Sometimes there are mittens involved or fingers laced in mine. Plaid is almost always present, and there is green everywhere. There's always a low roar of the ocean in the background. But I am always happy and filled with the most wonderful sense of everything is going to be alright. That dreams do come true, and magic can be found everywhere you look.

Turns out daydreams do exist.

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