September 21, 2012

Days of Yore

These are from Sunday's adventures in Holcomb Valley. When I put this outfit together Sunday morning I wasn't terribly fond of it, but after seeing the pictures Chelsea took for me, I actually really liked it. I had a cardigan with me too, but after a few smallish hikes that came off. But overall I felt this was a somewhat fitting outfit to wear to an old pioneer settlement. This blouse I thrifted eons ago and decided I didn't like it and gave it to Bri, who then returned it to me a few weeks ago saying she just didn't wear it. We both loved that it looks like an antique chemise, but turns out it is really hard to style with that peplum. I think with a belt it works, but I'm still going to have to be a bit creative in styling this blouse.

Blouse- Thrifted
Belt- Thrifted
Skirt- made by me!
Socks- ??
Boots- Thrifted
Earrings- Birthday gift from Abbey

I've actually been doing some sewing (!!) this week and decided to make another one of these half circle skirts (more on it next week!). I really love this shape. I actually also got another dress made and one waiting to be stitched up that is a bodice from one pattern and a half circle skirt like this one. But I've got to say I miss showing you outfits that aren't all new things I've sewn. My day-to-day wardrobe tends to be very boring, but I promise to squeeze in more of these re-mix type posts too!

Abbey gave me these earrings for my birthday last month. They are kinda hard to see in this photo, but they are a very pretty delicate silver vine-y motif with a peridot in the center- my birthstone. I think I've worn them nearly everyday since I received them! Thanks Abbey!!

Let's take a minute to talk about these boots. I love these boots. They're by Nine West and I found them in a random thrift store I rarely visit about two years ago. The year before I found a pair at Goodwill that I deemed the "perfect" granny boot, but didn't buy them for one reason or another (probably had to do with how much cash I had to spend!) and of course the next time I went back, maybe a day or two later, they were gone. Then I found these. Not only are they better quality (and real leather for that matter!), they have such a better shape than the other pair. and they happen to be perfect for climbing into abandoned mine shafts, which in my book is always a plus! I told my mom later on that I felt like our pioneer ancestors would be proud of us climbing rocks and mine shafts, and rickety old buildings in skirts. Who said you can't do as much in a skirt as in pants?


  1. This looks like one of the coolest places ever to go exploring! Your outfit is right on with the location. And giiirl, you've definitely got sewing talent! Mind sharing some with me? lol

  2. Lol. Just read this. I am so glad you like them. :D