September 26, 2012

Tennis Time

I think I can say with some certainty that I am the most un-athletic person on the planet. It's not that I don't necessarily enjoy sports, but I am just really terrible at them! There was a period of time when I was pretending to be a tomboy (probably because I was trying to win the elementary school affection of a boy) and I played baseball. I was always the short stop. Or as I like to call it the "kid who can't play so we're going to stick you way at the back of the field because it's not like any of the other kids -who still are better than you- will ever hit it that far and thus you can just sit back there the whole time, but still feel like you are contributing" position. Then I had to play Basketball for P.E. in Jr. High. I clearly still have no idea how Basketball is played (though it is pretty fun to watch). I also was knocked unconscious while playing in Jr. High. Can we take a moment to talk about the fact that they make girls play P.E. in Jr. High. Like a 6th grade girl isn't already going through enough terrible bodily and hormonal changes, lets make her perform a possibly dangerous activity with other girls and boys going through the same hormonal and physical changes. This is totes not a recipe for disaster. 

I'm not sure how I feel about coullots, but I love the top part and the side button detail.

I actually really love this one, though maybe just a smidge longer.

For a two-piece tennis outfit, I like this one.

Long story short, I really suck at sports. But I really enjoy Tennis. When I was a kid we lived near the Community College and you could use the Tennis Court in the evenings. My dad took us down there and we'd play for a while and it was great fun. I don't remember being too awful, but I was probably 10 or 11 the last time I played. So a few weeks ago I suggested that Bri and I start playing a couple nights a week after work (both of us still work close to the CC). The past week or two has been crazy busy, so this Monday was the first time we had the chance to play. Sarah and Charissa ended up joining us, and when we play tonight Chelsea and Micheal will be there. We've all been excited about playing with each other.

This is my favourite shorts pattern that I've seen.  And I love the turban too!

The dress itself is super boring, but I think this is a better length.

Turns out we seriously are terrifically bad. I mean awful. We're talking everyone within a five mile radius should feel the shame. The fumes from how much we stink cover the county. We. Are. Awful. I mean, it was hilarious, but still, we suck. The best part was the fact that whenever someone actually managed to hit the ball we all got so excited and started dancing and screaming and the other people missed the ball. our longest run was 6 consecutive hits. There was a dance and a tribal cheer that followed. We all in the end figured that we burned more calories than we should have with our periodic dance breaks and the laughter that usually ended up in one person falling over. It was a blast. 

I really love this one too, though it would definitely not be a halter. Me and halters are not friends.

Since half my wardrobe is blue I don't think I'll be making up a tennis outfit in blue, but I like the idea of a different colour.

This one would be great for summer when it gets so awfully hot.
So since this is going to become a thing, I really want to make a cute little tennis outfit to wear (or two), which of course has me looking at vintage tennis patterns. They are so cute! I'm not sure I want a two piece outfit or even one that requires bloomers underneath, though I suppose that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I'm also not sure I want both to be white. So far I've got a few sketches made up and I think I'm going to pick my favourite parts from each and see where that takes me!

OOOO!!! Gingham!!

my very fisrt sketch looks a lot like this one

I think this is definitely my favourite. It's just such a different design than the traditional tennis dress. The waist seaming in perfect!! 

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  1. I love how many of these are shown as both a tennis outfit and a "dressier" outfit. Especially the peplum one! Who could get away with wearing that?