December 28, 2012

Christmas Gifts!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Ours was really lovely, laid back, and little unconventional. We had guest over on the 23rd and 24th with big huge meals, and by the 5th we were over the idea of a big Christmas Dinner. So we ordered Chinese Takeout and watched We're No Angels. It was pretty fantastic!

My parents always go all out on Christmas gifts. They have never bought their kids a lot throughout the year (aside from necessities, so for Birthdays and Christmas they tend to go a little crazy. Plus there's 10 of us and you can do the math on how many presents end up under our tree. It's a little crazy! I ended up with some super cool gifts than I am excited to show you!!

On the 17th we had our annual gift exchange with Jessica, Bri, Sarah, Charissa, and the paramours (except for Charissa and I cuz we're #foreveralone #level5000.) Above are the gifts Charissa gave me. The sewing book is super cool! It's a really great resource on creating your own patterns.Super excited to get into this! I forgot to photograph the gifts Sarah gave me, which were some pretty coffee mugs she painted!!

I am totally obsessed with Game of Thrones so I am really looking forward to reading the book series!

Delaney made me this cool sewing caddy! She also found me a Tiramisu chocolate bar. I adore Tiramisu and this is incredibly yummy!!

A deadstock Pendleton sweater vest with Scottie Dogs and matching scarf! My sisters and I were supposed to go to Scotland next year, but we've had to cancel due to a miscalculation about school schedules. When we do go, I'm definitely bringing this!

Music! I think my parents got almost every CD I had on my Amazon wishlist. Yay music!!

Okay so yes, those are napkins. I found them at IKEA and told my mom she should buy them, so apparently she did and put them in my stocking! The hankie has an "A" embroidered on it. I always have a hard time finding vintage things with "A"'s on them so yay!! And hankies are something I always carry with me!

These were the gifts my sister's mother-in-law gave me. We always get together with them on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts with them. The gnome kit is too cute! And I have been dying for the Burda Style book! I love the pretty labels too.

Okay, no I do not believe in Aliens. I just really like Sci-Fi, History and conspiracy theories. This is pretty much the best show ever. I've seen the whole series multiple times now, but I still love watching them (and the new series just started too!!). They are oddly the best thing to put on while sewing or cleaning...

The flask is an inside joke between Eric and I (for Blue Cheese Dressing of course...). My mama found the vintage mermaid stirrers, Fraser got me the Pegasus/unicorn necklace, Grace picked out the sparkly lipgloss,  and the post-its are from Bri. I say Oy vey a lot.

My interests are weird, varied, and numerous. They include Aliens and Vikings. The plaque is from my parents, and Eric got me the little skating Viking Girl.

This was Jessica's gift to me! Some lovely lotion, an EOS (Tangerine), and a memory jar for the new year! Love it!

Laura sent me this in honour of our Taco Night and despair over the lack of decent Mexican food in Oregon!

So excited about this gift (Ignore the bad photoshopping)!!!

A Mandolin!! I already play guitar and Ukulele, and I oddly enough borrowed a friend's dad's Mandolin a few years ago, so I am excited to try my hand at learning Mandolin again!!

Shoes!! The Snowboots are from Target and I absolutely adore them! The Brown heels are Re-mix Babydolls!! I've had these on my wishlist for ages and they are just as beautiful and wonderful as I hoped!!

Seriously so beautiful!

A new Tote bag! This one is huge!

Yay! I was really hoping to get this book!

Another really great pattern making book! 

I collect this series of cookbooks and am only missing a few now. My mom found one of the ones I was missing!

EEP! To go with my Samantha Doll! My parents found this at the flea market. It needs a bit of work, but I love it!! I've always wanted Samantha's trunk so some little girl dreams definitely came true this Christmas!!

I hope you all had an equally exciting Christmas! What did you get this year??


  1. I'm going to hire you to make me pretty dresses and skirts. No joke.

    1. lol! I will! I can't remember if you said you were coming to my class this weekend, but if not, you should!!

  2. You sure have a lot of people in your family, I love seeing how people decorate their trees, and how pretty it looks with all those presents underneath.

    1. Yes, yes I do! Me too. There is nothing prettier than a decorated tree with pressies all around it!