January 4, 2013

Ice & Snow

On New Years Eve we took Grace Ice Skating. When I was a kid I went to our local skating rink quite a lot, but other than Bri and Chel, the rest of the kids haven't skated much. So off we went. We had a lovely time. Grace fell a few times and ended up spraining her wee wrist, but it was soon fixed with some magic mommy medicine and a pink hot cocoa. We bought an Ace bandage to wrap her wrist in when we got home and suddenly it was ever so much better than it had been. My night photography skills (and Chelsea's photography skills in general (teehee)) aren't the greatest, but some of these came out pretty neat.

On New Years Day we decided to head up for some snow play. We chose a new-to-us location, and good lord was it an eventful day. We left our house around noon and should have arrived around one, but in an amazing display of stupidity displayed by the Los Angeles and San Bernardino police depts. It took us nearly four hours to get there, plus it took us about an hour to get from one point in the rather small town to another (Police Depts.: Hey, there's a lot of people up there. Let's close down a road, and then make everyone turn around and go home. We are Brilliant!). It was disastrous  in the end we stopped around five and found a place to sled, in the dark, for a while as we let the rest of the traffic battle their way homes. We'd brought a hot thing of chili and corn bread and cocoa, so we sat in the car on the side of the road feasting and being delightfully cold. (It was below freezing!!) We took a shortcut my mom found and made it home by 8pm where it was 20 degrees warmer. We all definitely want to try and visit again. The town was charming and there was plenty of snow, plus it is closer to us than trekking all the way to Big Bear. In the end I only got my camera out at the very end and it was took dark to shoot anything. I managed to get a few silly pics of my mom and Chelsea.

Chelsea's face. Lol!

Love the way this came out!

How cute is my mama's vintage snowsuit?!

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