January 9, 2013


Jacket- Walmart
Tank- Target
Skirt- Me Made
Flats- Thrifted
Earrings- Target

On Monday I had to go to court to try and take care of a ticket (yay! It's dealt with!). When I got home I couldn't move my left shoulder and arm. I must have pulled a muscle and the nasty vibes in traffic court must have sparked it on. It's been pretty bad ever since. I can't really sleep on it, or do anything useful, so hopefully in the next few days it will go away. Until then I'm all about pain killers (which don't actually help), Arnica, and Icy Hot. Sneezing is the worst. No Bueno. 

Nothing terribly exciting about this outfit. I threw this on Monday morning. I was running late and grabbed the first things I saw. Lately I've not had a morning where I'm not running late, and as a result I spend most days dressed like a hobo. A cute hobo, but whatever. I need to start picking out my clothes the night before again. But for a quick outfit, I liked this one. This skirt has gotten so many miles! Of course this day was particularly windy (The stupid Santa Anas are back drying out my skin and making palm fronds  scatter across the road so you can't drive.). I'm fairly sure that most of Moreno Valley's population saw my undies that day...

I wore this pin to an antique store a few weeks ago and a guy worker asked if it was vintage. It made me giggle.

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