March 26, 2013

Daisy Chain Dress

Dress- Me Made
Jacket- Walmart
Shoes- Target
Shades- Target

I gotta be honest here, I am not terribly thrilled with the way these photos came out. I guess I am a little out of practice with outfit photos and poses, and really that sounds shallow and pretentious to say those things, so we'll stop now. But seriously, this is what I get for doing a rush shoot. But to be fair there are "dress" issues that make me not terribly thrilled with this shoot either.

My cousin got married on the 16th (more on that later) and we all trekked to Phoenix to attend. This is what I wore (the dress at least). I made the dress the night before, like I started it at 7:30. And finished at 11:30 Boom. The fabric is, of course, a bed sheet, and I used Simplicity 1692 for the bodice and two gathered rectangles for the skirt. Pocket, side zip, some bias tape, and an embroidery stitch later, it was done! I wish I'd taken a before picture because the first incarnation of this dress was seriously in the land of "Sister Wife-y." I shortened the sleeves, like, a ton, and scooped the neck a lot more. This dress has been worn more often than not since it's creation, and come summer this will be perfect for frolicking through fields and picnicking by the river (assuming I don't melt first because right now it's 75 and I'm like dying.). HOWEVER, I still wrinkle my nose at a few things.

First off, this was my muslin. I read the finished garment measurments on the back, and accordingly graded up about an inch in the chest. And for some reason now it looks like I have a sack hanging round with my boobies. It's just too much! I actually like the blousy-ness at the back, but the front, not so much. it's easy to get lost in that fabric. I also did only one tuck instead of two, which I think contributes to the sack 'o'boobs effect. I'm also now sure I like the sleeves. I tend to cover my arms because I have some seriously bad acne scarring on them, and I get self-conscious, but I think there is something about the shape that is just weird on me. I need to play around with the pattern a little more to figure out what works on me. Which is great because this pattern is super quick and easy to put together, and I have a couple tops waiting to be made up (in different views). But as for this dress, it's pretty great, not totally perfect, but obviously I've worn it about 5 times in the last week, so it must not be that bad.

This is definitely my favourite part of the dress. The neckline, hem, and arm holes are all stitched down with a scallop embroidery stitch. It's all in the little details!

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