April 8, 2013


1.California has given us some amazing weather recently! Cool breezes, bright blue skies, swaying palm trees, I don't mind CA like this. 2,3,4. Thrift finds were good this week. I wanted those presidential perfume bottles so bad, but Goodwill wanted an arm and a leg for them. The most recent Ancient Aliens episode was basically a love song to Erich von Daniken. Thanks Estate Sale for encouraging my ridiculous obsession with Aliens. 5,6,7. Sometimes you need to go out with your girlfriends and eat froyo and do yoga on the sidewalk. 8,9,10. My brother-in-law and I are working on some music and recording. It's exciting and terrifying, especially when the power goes out because the breaker melted. 11. These would definitely help me deal with summer in CA. (they're from Target btw) 12. This is my absolute favourite perfume. 13. These are just the best things ever. So Full! So Fluffy! I bought them as encouragement to get gigs performing so I could have an excuse to wear them. 14. Our weekend weather was weirdly cool, yet humid... But Starbucks has coconut syrup again, so I can get a Lime Refresher with coconut. This is the only way to drink them. 15. Delaney and I got Thrifty Ice Cream. Thrifty > all the ice cream. I always get rocky road and black cherry. 16. I did a henna treatment on my hair this weekend and had a very good hair day.

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