April 15, 2013


1. Bri is facing band demotion (again) if she keeps bringing me the creepy cat coffee cup... 2. I am trying to cut my coffee intake down. Maybe to like, less than 5 cups a day... This tea is caffinated, but is also so so so good! 3. I may or may not have a lipstick buying problem. These are just the ones I carry in my bag at all times. And I forgot two. And then there's chapsticks... 4. Remember those Katy Perry eyelashes? Turns out they look like giant catterpillars on my eyes. I love them. 5. Slow day at work last week meant catching up on Game of Thrones! 6. This is part of the reason I am trying to drink less coffee. That black whole there, actually has a black coffee cup in it too... 7. Sparkly shoes and Sparkly pencils. 8. The western view from my front door. 9. And the Eastern view.  Stop teasing me with the gloomy weather and rain already California!! 
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