August 12, 2013

Chef Tiny Terror

Chelsea has been attending the Riverside City College Culinary Arts Programme for a year now, and last Thursday she graduated!!
My mom's parents were able to come into town and Chel's friend Lauren tagged along too!
Gracie has had a weird stomach bug since last week and was trying so hard to let the day be about Chelsea and muster the strength to participate. She didn't eat her dinner and then erupted in barfing all over the Academy. 
So Michael, my mom and I got to clean that up.
Always a good time.
During the actual Graduation ceremony she crashed and slept in my lap.
But each time Chel's name was called she'd perk up and clap.
It was pretty much super sweet.

She's a Chef!!
Chelsea is 5'2" on a good day.
She's also incredibly terrifying and intimidating in the Kitchen.
I may or may not have encouraged her classmates to call her Chef Tiny Terror.

She won so many accolaides other people had to hold them when I took pictures.
Chelsea is one of the hardest workers I've ever met and she volunteered for every single event the Academy put on over the last year. She never missed a day, worked two jobs OUTSIDE of going to school, and actually nearly killed herself from lack of sleep and eating. 
She pushed herself, gave her all was was rewarded with a Scholarship, A Perfect Attendance Certificate, and was named Valedictorian!! 

The director of the academy bought her a fancy knife case.
No one has ever done that for any other student.

Chelsea and Lauren

This photo cracks me up because we are constantly complaining about what it is like when a bunch of Scandinavians smile.

Chelly and her classmates and instructors.
They were all so incredibly complimentary and proud of her.
We cried, she cried, they cried.
We're all pretty darn proud of Chef Tiny Terror.
Even the sternest of her instructors gave her a hug.

Congrats Chelsea!
I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

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