January 10, 2014

Sweet Dreams


 I made something out of bed sheets again.




But with a twist! I actually used to sleep on these! These were my sheets from my dorm room at OSU. They're from Target and while I don't really understand why you would want white sheets, I really liked the print on these (and maybe also they were the only non neon ones left by the time I went to fit my dorm...). I managed to get this nightgown out of the flat sheet (keep in mind this was one of those dorm twin sheets, so it is a little longer than most) and have a little left over (pocket fabric!).  As much as I liked these as sheets, I much prefer them as pajamas. They are soft and cozy and recycled! Plus if the weather keeps on acting like a mega jerk, at least now I have some non flannel pajamas to wear.




The pattern I used is Butterick 5723, view "E." I have no memory of buying this pattern, which means it must have been during a 99cent sale, and frankly this isn't a pattern I'd typically buy. But I'm thinking I must have bought it for this specific view, although to be honest, this pattern is growing on me. I'm in need of a robe, and sans the terrible ruffle, I may take a crack at this one.  However, this specific view was incredibly wonderful to stitch up. I got most of the construction done in two episodes of Ancient Aliens, and this last week's Sherlock ( at the risk of sounding like a major fangirl (but, it's true) can we take a moment to discuss who amazingly brilliant and fantastic that episode was? I have not laughed at a tv show that much in forever. Also, Mary is quite possibly the best thing to have ever happened to this show.). Considering that there are only four pattern pieces it really takes no time to cut and stitch up. A really great easy pattern with cozy, pretty results. There's something about having freshly washed bedding and a cozy new nightgown (especially after an entire week of being sick!) that is so relaxing and comfy. These have definitely brought me sweet dreams!
P.S. My goal has been to get up to posting twice a week this month, but good lord it has just not worked out! So maybe we'll try once a week? Regardless I hope your week has been fantastic! So far 2014 is treating me very well!



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