December 1, 2014

Blurred Plaids

Hello! Greetings from sunny So. Cal! It has been great to be home and play catch-up with life and people and all that. There's a whole lot I could talk about about being back home, but for now let's talk clothes.

I've been in a sartorial funk for a few months now and on top of that I lost nearly 80lbs while travelling. There's a lot of odd psychological things that happen when you lose that much weight unintentionally in such a small time. Maybe one of these days I'll go into it, but right now the point is this: I have very little that fits me. Almost nothing from my pre trip closet fit, and while some of those old items can be altered that takes time and it's been frustrating. I did manage to go out and do a bit of shopping after I got home but other than a few pairs of pants and I think three tops, two dresses, and a skirt, my wardrobe does not exist. I desperately need tops right now, but to begin with I made myself a dress that isn't even remotely a day dress. Hey, I've been travelling from farm to farm falling in various animal feces for 6 months, I DESERVE A PRETTY DRESS!

Cardigan- Thrifted, Dress- Me Made, Petticoat- Vintage (and on it's last life), Ferragamos- Thrifted.

The total cost of this dress comes out to about $2 or $3. The bodice pattern is Simplicity 1375 that my mom picked up for me over the summer for a dollar, and the fabric I bought at a festival a few weekends ago. I bought a large roll of this fabric for $3 and after making this dress that involves a full circle skirt, I still have about five yards left so like, I will have all the clothes from this fabric.

There isn't a whole lot more to say about this dress other than it was super simple to put together. It has pockets and is insanely comfortable and as soon as this little cold snap we've got going on is over it will be perfect for Californian "Winter." I'm pretty sure the fabric is a poly/cotton blend, but it's a nice fabric so the poly part doesn't bother me too much. This is the first time I've ever worked with plaid and took the time to match up the print and for a first time effort I am satisfied. There are a few minor mis-matches, but they aren't terrifically noticeable.  The only thing about this dress I'm not 100%  satisfied with is the bodice fit. I'm having to relearn how to fit my body and there is some weird new proportions on my body. I mean, it's so weird. But I'm making due!

I'll definitely be making another of these dresses and I'm thinking next time I might add in a built in petticoat since this vintage one I have is falling to shreds. Sad petticoat.  

My camera started having some weird focus issues towards the end of my trip making it super hard to get a decent photo so I apologize for any weird blurring. Someday I'll fix that until then, unintentionally blurred images for all!

Of course the best part of this dress is the perfect twirl ability of the skirt.

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  1. Best dress ever!! You do good work. I'm sure you will sew yourself a new wardrobe in no time. ;)

    My number one buying tip for your current body situation is make sure everything has an elastic waist. I still hoard those kinds of clothes just in case something happens!
    The only item of clothing that that tip doesn't apply to is leggings. I remember (and still am) buying all new leggings. How lame! I spent all that time breaking them in and now they don't fit. :(