January 4, 2016


It's me. I was wondering if after all this time...

Sorry, I won't finish that.

But, hey! Anyone still out there? If not that's okay. Blogging has taken a back seat in my life, and I definitely needed the kind of clean break. I thought a lot about posting a farewell post, but could never quite bring myself to hit publish. So I just let things sit for a while, and it was good.

My life got real crazy for a while, I started going to a new church that has totally become a lifeline, through that I met a friend who hired me to teach for a local theatre company. I spent my summer making musicals with 5-7 year olds, and it was pretty cool. I worked at a hardware store for three months and loved it, but had to quit because I am not cut out for working two jobs at once. And now I'm teaching for the same theatre company going into schools and teaching music, dance, acting, and how not to spit at people to 3-11 year olds. It's exhausting, and I love it. I've decided to go back to school to get my credential and I'm really excited. I'm working on get some adult-ish things dealt with, I started a mini vegetable garden that I'm hoping to expand this spring, I did a lot of things, met a lot of new people, and can honestly say I have never been happier in my life. 2015 was good to me in a kinda funny way, and I'm super grateful for it all.

So here I am, and what does that mean? Well, I don't even know right now. 2016 is shaping up to hold some really cool adventures. Not the kind that cost a lot of money and take you far far away, but the kind that propel you forward in life. I'm excited. I don't know what this all means for blogging though. I really miss taking photos (my DSLR is broken right now), I miss writing, I miss a lot about blogging, but I also don't miss a lot. I don't have the time or patience to post a lot or edit photos. And I'm not that crazy about fashion or vintage these days. Not that I don't love them both, but I've changed, my lifestyle has changed, my style has changed, my tastes have changed, guys, a lot has changed. I still like taking pictures of what I'm wearing, I still love to sew, but I think my dissatisfaction with blogging and lack of desire to blog all came from not really being able to blog about the things I wanted to talk about. So basically I'm trying to change that. Things will be different, and somewhat similar.

My aim is to blog twice a week for the foreseeable future, and to blog about whatever fits my fancy. I hope y'all join along. I'm really super duper excited for what this year holds!

Also, El NiƱo finally arrived and I'm into it.

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