August 4, 2008

How do you know Mermaids exisit if no ever lived to tell the tale?

On my lunch brake and taking a much appreciated breather from imputing bankruptcy information. Nothing puts me to sleep faster than bankruptcy information. Sorry for the quickie post yesterday. We went to the beach and I knew I wouldn't post after we got home (at 11:30). But wasn't it fabulous! The Wizard of Oz is my absolute favourite movie EVER. And what girl doesn't love red shoes? I have some glittery red heels that I wear for all most all concerts and singing things that I call my Dorothy shoes. I never got those glittery red shoes when I was a kid so this is my way of living a childhood dream.
In other semi-related news I bought a book up in Oregon by L. Frank Baum called The Sea Faeries. I haven't finished it yet, but so far it is one of the best books I've ever read. It's about a little girl named Trot, who visits the mermaids with her old friend Cap'n Bill. My youngest sister Grace is convinced she's a mermaid. There may be some truth to it too. She taught her self to swim before she could walk, or talk. She's three now and has long curly red hair, so of course she is Ariel. We were at Disneyland once and were walking in the Ariel garden thing where they have a statue of King Triton. she pointed to it and said "look there's my dad!" We call her the red haired fishy girl, and she owns everything that could possibly ever be related to mermaids, including a horribly ugly mermaid doll from the Oregon aquarium who I was informed yesterday is named Emily. So I am looking forward to reading this book to her when she's a little older. If you love Mermaids you should check out Calamity Kim's Blog.
So what got done this weekend? Almost nothing. I did plan my class schedule which consists of 17 units(eek!) and will bring me a little closer to being able to transfer! I have Theory 1, and chamber singers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Speech, and College Choir on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I'll have a Voice lesson on either Tuesday or Thursday, plus I have a Piano class on Wednesday nights and I'm taking Anthro 2 online. Plus I'll be working anytime I'm not in school. So I'm putting everyone on notice that starting September 2nd I will have no social life. Oy. September 2nd. On a happier note my Birthday is in 20 days! It's on a Sunday this year to that Sunday's TDI must be AbFab, because it is my 21st birthday! I still haven't decided what to do. Alas.
I tried to work on my shirt pattern, but it got very confusing (unnecessarily so I later realized). So I went to my mom and pleaded and she and I figured out how to do it, now I just need to cut it out. I am asking for a sewing machine of my own for my birthday so I don't have to use my mom's.
Here's a picture of the fabric:
I'm really excited to actually finish this shirt, hopefully soon.
Well it's back to the boringness of imputing bankruptcy information.
Ciao Darlings,
Peace, love, and save the bees

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