September 27, 2008

How to tell if you're staying with a bunch of musicians

1. Everyone is for the most part selfish about picking all the good rooms in the cabin you're staying at, So you end up in the co-ed bunk room, which granted is incredible, but nonetheless annoying.

2. They all spent the three hour break sleeping and recovering from their hangovers and you spend the three hour break sleeping because you couldn't sleep with all the drunk people the night before.

3. They describe parts of the song as being an "incredible orgasm".

4. The bunk next and above you is being shared by a guy and a girl(the horn-dog guy and fresh meat girl).

5. Random moments of song break out from nowhere.

6. we have to have a talentless talent show because we actually have a talent.

7. As a fun activity we try to find new harmonies for songs, or take pop songs and turn them into choral peices.

8. no one passed 8th grade math.

9. Non musicians would think we are crazy if they heard us crack up laughing when we mess up because only musicians know it.

10. Your Choral Director askes you to sing one of your peices , then asks you to change the style to pop, then rock, then country, then musical theatre, and everyone laughs at the untechnicalness and hi-lariousness of the sound, and you realize: you're all a bunch of dorks. And that despite the vomit stench, you haven't had such a horrible time.

Love, and Peace, and Tootles

1 comment:

  1. i'm proud of you for not drinking!!!

    it's hard to resist at college too, especially with my major.

    i love you and i'm glad you had a mostly nice time!
    *muah muah*