October 10, 2008

I have hot pink nails


My brain is like a ping-pong ball today. Lot's o'stuff flying around trying to file it's self in my mental filing cabinet. So here's what's happening:
*After the week I took off of school from my accident, I got so behind I had to drop all my music classes in order to keep up with my academic classes. So no more choir, voice lessons, theory, sectionals, piano, or computer labs. I'm not all that upset about it either. which leads me to my next thing.
*I'm not going back to school in the spring. I've always hated formal learning and never had a desire to get a degree. So starting in January I'm going to be doing auditions for professional stuff in L.A. and anywhere else there are professional auditions. I'm so excited!
*The economy sucks ass. Seriously. This whole financial crap that our lovely government got us into makes me so angry! Angry enough to move to New Zealand! My parent's made sure I understood economics and I think I understand it better than the government. I know alot of friends and friends of friends who are having a hard time, or soon will, and it's so saddening. I work in a Law Office that handles Bankruptcies, and everyday someone new is calling saying the same thing, we can't afford to pay our bills, our mortgage. Monday a lady came in crying and I had to hug her and tell her everything would be fine. It's really a burden to be an eternal optimist. Even if I can see the silver lining in things, that doesn't mean I don't see the dark clouds too. I don't know it's all going to be okay. I'm going to end up paying for all these stupid decisions, as well as my kids and grand kids. There's alot of beauty in the world, and alot of crap. But sometimes the crap is covering too much of the beauty, and even eternal optimists can get down.
*I have rediscovered my love of Charlotte Church. Which is odd, but refreshing. My brain works better after listening to her. I'm going to go buy her not-released-in-the-U.S.- CD from Amazon.
*Not having a car is highly annoying.
*I love that the bus is now free for students.
* I just finished a book called Howl's Moving Castle. There is an anime-like cartoon done by Hyao Miazaki(major SP) after the book (which I saw before reading the book), which made me cry like a little girl. There is something so bewitchingly, charmingly, beautiful about that movie. It' a love story filled with mystery, magic, and mischief. The book, however, is a bajillion times better!!! Seriously it's such an excitingly wonderful story. I couldn't put it down! I was so excited to read it, I put the movie on the top of my netflix queue. And it's going to be at my house by 2pm!
*I just started reading the first book of the Twilight series. My mom bought it and finished it in about three hours, the proceeded to tell me the entire story(well almost), so now I'm reading it. I'm only on like the fourth page, due to sleeping last night, and working today. But so far it's very good. My mother is now obsessed with vampires, and even commented to me and Bri that our family would make a good Vampire Clan. My mom needs help sometimes.
*I have become obsessed with those pour and shake Crystal Light packets for water bottles. More specifically the Fruit Punch kind. If I drink anymore I'm going to go crazy, but I feel great.
*I HATE my speech class. And I'm over talking about our emotions.
* This week has been super hot. Like in the hundreds hot. But today I awoke to some lovely grey clouds which are still rolling through. it's in the 70's and promises rain. I wore shorts and a tank top.
*I dyed my hair. It's a really gorgeous colour! I've been calling it a dark raspberry brown, which is pretty accurate. Everyone who has seen it loves it, and I would marry this hair colour if I could.
*I miss my sisters. Sarah and Bri were with me in the office yesterday, and it just wasn't the same without Charissa. Come to visit us soon my dear.
*I'm really excited for Hallowe'en. I have a really cool costume that I have to work on still, but I am very excited about it. What is it? A surprise! But I'll give you a hint, I have done a TDI related to it, and it doesn't have anything to do with The Wizard of Oz... Also we're throwing a Hallowe'en Murder Mystery Dinner, which is going to be awesome!
*My thoughts and prayers go out to the Wolgemuth Family today. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Debbie, I pray that the Lord will bring you and Aaron and Hannah peace in the coming months. Steve was a genuinely sweet man, and though we know he is in the Lord's presence today enjoying all the glory and majesty of our heavenly father, he will be missed. I pray that you all will have the strength and peace that only comes from our Heavenly Father.
So this has been my last week. I've got a busy schedule this weekend, which is nice since it's a Holiday on Monday. Good ol' Columbus who did not discover the New World. It was actually my ancestor Lief Erikson, but I don't really care what kind of Holiday it is as long as we get the day off! Well I'm off to do more work. Sorry to end on such a sad note.
Love and Tootles!


  1. awwww. i miss you!

    i get to borrow twilight over christmas break [=

  2. p.s.
    i'm going to be peasblossom from midsummer nights dream...how cool is that???