October 12, 2008

I'm wearing flowers in my hair... Metaphorically of course

The weather has been wonderful this weekend! Simply marvelous! It's been about 75 and wonderfully cool, but bright and sunny. My family is going to the beach today, which I would love to join them, but I have about a bajillion things to do which include these:

  • Working on my hallowe'en costume
  • Going through clothes to get rid of, or refashion
  • Washing and ironing my clothes
  • Trying to start a smock top I've been trying to make form a little over a month
  • Studying for my Midterm next week which is worth 30% of my grade
  • Watching my Netflix so I can send them back
  • Moving the rest of my stuff from downstairs to upstairs
  • Finishing cleaning my room
  • Scrubbing my bed because Gracie wet it last night

That's the tip of the list... Eek! But it's all good. It's been a really wonderful morning. I really love Sundays. And I am loving that tomorrow is a holiday! Yay!

Anyhoodles, here's this weeks TDI for the lovely San Francisco ( one of my favourite places to be!)

So did anyone else notice that this is the same headband Chuck wore on this past week Pushing Daisies? Which I have not mentioned enough how much I love that show! Also if anyone wants to buy me these Jack Purcells I would have no problem with that!



  1. i love that first skirt/boots.


  2. p.s.
    what are you going to be for halloween? i'm going to be peasblossom from a midsummer nigths dream. i think that since i'm home halloween weekend, we should all go out to eat on saturday night in our full costumes. it would be SO fun and sisterhood-ish.

  3. the evening outfit needs to be in my closet...NOW!

    next time i have to shopping for an "event" outfit...you have to come with me.