October 25, 2008

This is what happens when a book controls your moods:

You become incredibly depressed at the depressed-ness of said book and then whenever you go to write a blog it's about all the horribly depressing aspects of your life, which aren't really horribly depressing, you just can't seem to be happy. The last couple of days have been sooooo weird! My lovely friend Lauren called me yesterday to see if i wanted to go to a show of some mutual friends. Lauren and I get to see each other about once a year. it always cracks me up when we get together. We're two peas in a pod. She and I met when we did Bye Bye Birdie in 2006. And we were almost instantaniously friends. So many memories from that show! Lauren and I are both hippies (she's more than so than I) in a funkalicious way. It's probably a good thing we only see each other once a year because we always end up being horribly loud and obnoxious! Like if I whisper to her that I thought the first Twilight book was orgamsmic, and she yells across the theatre "ORGASMIC!" Alerting our fellow theatre patrons of our conversation. Actually it was hiliarious. It was so much fun So thanks Lauren for a great Friday! The show was good too! I knew about half the cast, and the other half I knew through association. And then I knew about 80% of the audience. There was one little sour point, but it was over quickly and moved on, so all in all it was a highly succesful evening. I wore my favourite yellow dress, with a grey cardi, and my fave white heels. Very cute, very overdressed. But that's me! We sat with Jill and Jessica Saiz which is always entertaining and fun!
So today I AM going to clean my room finally and do laundry and go through clothes and paint my toenails (the fatal flaw with my outfit last night), and ......
Lots to do. Oh and I need to finish reading my Twilight books. Did you know that they're orgasmic?

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  1. always a joy to spend an evening with you and Lauren....

    even if you two insist on being loud and obnoxious...