November 10, 2008

Happy Monday

I know I'm a horrible blogist. Horrible. I haven't even been that busy lately, I just didn't feel like writing. It's been an interesting couple of weeks. Some good times, some bad times, some really crap times. But things are really good. I cannot wait for this semester to be done! And I'm excited that the Holidays are coming. The next few weeks are going to be fun! So today I was thinking about it being a Monday and all. I doesn't feel like a Monday to me. But the point is that somehow through the mixing of thoughts in my brain I started to compile a list of things that ALWAYS get me through the Monday Blues. So for your reading pleasure here are my top 10 Monday Blues Blasters.
10. Radio Commercials- As a general rule I hate commercials. Especially on music stations. But there are a few Radio Commercials that make me laugh out loud and smile all day. The first is for Volkswagen, I think. The guy in it is talking about this car and suddenly you hear this little boys voice yelling "Yay! Zoom Zoom!" and then the sales man acts all confused, and another man says "oh pardon me, talking about cars makes my inner child excited. it happens with some things, cool cars, poprocks." so then the sales man continues on about how great the car is, and then suddenly the little boys voice comes on again and says "yay! we're gonna drive fast and drink orange soda and eat Poprocks!" You have to listen to this commercial! it cracks me up every time! It always puts a smile on my face.
9. Californiana- What the hell is that you ask? it's like Americana. What is it that most people think of when they think of California? Beaches, Hollywood, surfing, sun, summer, flip-flops. Mostly California drives me nuts, but sometimes when I sit back and reflect on the fact that I am a tried and true CA native it's kinda cool. Hell ya I can go to the beach in December. Disneyland is my playground. I always laugh when I hear references people make about California, like the stereotypical California. I take it for granted, while some people dream about being able to experience things I live daily. And I can't even begin to tell you what a California Sunset can do to you. It's magical.
8. Crystal Light Water bottle packets- Who is the genius who came up with this stuff? I want to kiss him and be his slave. Not really, but honestly it's like Kool-Aid for grown-ups! I'm a big fan of Kool-Aid, and now I can have it without all the sugar! yay!!!
7. Peppermint anything- Mochas, candy, gum, mints, coffee, and whatever else you can flavour with Peppermint is my favourite. It's just good, and happy and yummy.
6. Smooth Writing Pens- I HATE gloopy pens. Y'know where the ink gets all gobby and leaves big muck spots whenever you write. I love pens that write smoothly. I actually have a horrible habit of stealing pens if I like the way it writes. My current favourite is this really long blue inked one with a funky cap. I keep it in my purse so I don't have to use any other pen no matter where I go.
5. My Shampoo- I use Sunsilk waves of envy for my retardedly wavy hair. It's magic in a blue bottle. It smells like the beach after a storm. No joke. It's all Sea Kelp infused and it's like a day at the beach sans the icky sand. The other products that go with it are amazing too! They feel very natural and never make me feel like I'm actually wearing product in my hair. Plus they make my hair feel soft and light. Magic!
4. Post-its- I have an unnatural love of post its. I ALWAYS use the hot pink ones. They are the best.
3. Boys with pretty eyes, nice arms, and nice jawlines- Do I really need to explain? I didn't think so. *swoon*
2. Really Good Soundtracks- Y'know those soundtracks where it's like they threw a bunch of crappy songs into a bingo ball cage and then randomly let them fall out? yeah I don't like them. I do however really love it when a soundtrack is AMAZING! What makes an amazing soundtrack? First off it should fit the feel of the movie, without shoving the movie down your throat. Secondly it should be eclectic, featuring many styles and types of artists. Thirdly it should be in an order that makes sense. Fourthly it should feature a boy with pretty eyes, nice arms, and a nice jawline. If you're looking for a good soundtrack, I highly recommend the Twilight soundtrack. even if I wasn't a Twerd, I would love this soundtrack! So good!
And The Number one thing that always gets me through Mondays with a smile is:
1. Claude Debussy- There are not enough words in any language in the world for me to rightly describe his music. Debussy has been my favourite composer for as long as I can remember, though it's not something I generally discuss. He wrote very passion and pain filled music. As a French Romantic Composer, his music is just so perfect for the era and genre. I get goose bumps just talking about it! It's so beautiful! The emotions he can make you feel in just one note are overwhelming. There is nothing like it in the world, no comparison is good enough. If you're interested in hearing his music, there's a really great play list on Myspace Music. Claire De Lune is one of his most famous pieces, but my all time favourites are Reverie and Nocturne. Both are magical. But listen to Claire De Lune. It's a very good representation of the kind of music he wrote, plus it's like five mins. long. I have a weakness for long piano pieces. All three of the above pieces are on the link. Oh and remember my number 2? Claire De Lune is a bonus song on the Twilight soundtrack if you buy it from iTunes. That's right. My memoirs are going to be called Of Vampires and Debussy: Being a Romantic in a Post Modern World. It's going to be a world wide best seller.
Okay so that's my list. What's yours? Have a Happy Monday Everyone!

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